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Android 5.0 marketshare almost touching 10%

Android 5.0

New figures reveal that Android 5.0 is all set to breach the 10% mark over the coming months. These figures reveal that Android 5.0 Lollipop is at 9% as of now while Android 5.1 is only on 0.7% of the Android phones and tablets around us.

This goes to show that Android 5.0 has continued to grow over the past few months. The fact that most new handsets run this version by default also helps greatly in increasing these figures. Android 5.0 was only at 5% when these numbers were released last month, so the figure has almost doubled over a 30 day period.

Android 4.4 KitKat is still the top dog though with 39.8% marketshare, which is down by 1.6% compared to last month. All versions of Android Jelly Bean combined account for 39.3% of the overall marketshare, which is remarkable considering that the version is almost three years old.

The good news for Google here is that Android 5.0+ is on the rise now, so the figure will only increase in the coming months.

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Source: Android Developers

Via: Pocket Droid

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  1. I just got a new LG G3 phone and the two days later I downloaded Lollipop. Don’t do it!! It ruined my phone. Overnight, the battery dropped from 100% to 22%. The phone got so hot I couldn’t hold it to my ear. Then, the speaker went out and the people I talked to thought we’d lost the connection. No so. I could hear them just fine, they just couldn’t hear me at all. I was lucky. I went to our local Verizon phone and they replaced it with a brand new phone. Now, it’s perfect. So when the notification came up today telling me that a new system update was available, you can guess what I said. I know it only affects certain phones but the LG G3 is one of them. Save yourself some grief–don’t download it!

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