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HTC claims that Samsung is solely focused on making money

Samsung Galaxy S6 - HTC

HTC CMO, Idris Mootee doesn’t have nice things to say about Samsung’s trade practices. According to him, the company is merely focused on profits and doesn’t care much for innovation. Strangely, he had nice things to say about industry rival Apple, claiming that they stand for something bigger than the brand itself. He further mentions that Apple has been “super successful” in connecting with the customers, something which Samsung isn’t doing apparently.

We’re finding it difficult to understand the reasoning behind his comments, because no company gets in the business without the motive of making money. In fact, Apple is known to be a company which makes the highest profits on its products, so it’s not really a secret that companies are in this business for money.

Samsung almost saw an entire executive board reshuffled following shrink in revenues last year, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing if the company wants to focus on money. Initial response to the recently unveiled Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge has been generally positive, while HTC has received some flak for not innovating enough in terms of design.

What do you think about the comments made by the HTC executive?

Source: AdAge

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  1. I think you took the comment out of context. The interview concludes with Mootee explaining why HTC doesn’t want to stay in the low-end phone business, saying, “A) It’s not sustainable. B) It’s not profitable. And C) you’re not building a brand anyway”. Mootee’s point is that Apple and HTC are about making money designing beautiful products. Samsung is about just putting products out to make money. I think that difference is already apparent.

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