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Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon now getting Android 5.0

Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon is now getting the Android 5.0 update. This is slightly late from the company’s initial plans to roll out the update before January, but the customers won’t mind. This news also means that the carrier might start rolling out the update for the Galaxy Note 4 as well.

Following this, we can expect devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 to get the update subsequently. Some Galaxy S4 users in Russia are reportedly seeing the Lollipop update already, so the wait might not be long for the carrier variants to get it.

Verizon’s update to the Galaxy S5 introduces the build VRU1BNLC to the device and brings a multitude of new changes coming from Android 4.4 KitKat. Although it’s not Material Design all throughout, Samsung has ensured that there are some stock Android 5.0 specific features visible to the users.

The update should have already hit your device by now, but if it hasn’t, make sure you head over to the Settings and manually check for it. If you’ve already received the update, make sure you let us know by dropping a line below.

Source: Verizon

Via: Droid Life


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  1. This update is sucking the life out of my battery like I’ve never seen before. if I don’t shut off data, my battery lasts all of about 5 hours from being 100% to totally dead. This needs to be fixed. Getting tired of having to toggle data on and off just to use it like the phone should be used. Other than the battery issue, I like the performance gain and the extra features.

  2. Only got 1 upgrade, still showing 4.4. says another download would be available soon for my Verizon S5.

  3. Got it today. Still figuring it out. Seems to be lagging a bit since. Tired of seeing all the references to “material design.” I’m not a big fan of all the white space. I prefer a subtler appearance.

  4. Got the 5.0 Lollipop update yesterday and it appears to be draining my battery quicker. What features were enhanced to cause this behavior?

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