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New leak shows off the metal frame of the Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Metal

A new leak from a French source has given us an excellent idea of what to expect from Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone. These images which seem to have been accessed from an assembly unit, show the smartphone’s rumored metal frame in its entirety.

The opening for the camera sensor is consistent with what we’ve seen in past leaks, so it’s very likely that this is the real deal. The bottom and side portions of the smartphone are very similar to the iPhone 6 design, which might raise some eyebrows at the time of launch. The device is naturally pretty slim, which was always expected from the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Metal - Side

The leakster has clearly smuggled the smartphone from the assembly line as you can see from the nature of these images. All things considered, it’s completely plausible that this is the Galaxy S6 given how close we are to the launch of the smartphone.

It seems like the company will finally launch an all metal flagship that the fans have been demanding for quite a while now. The handset is expected to be shown off on the 1st of March, so we expect to have more details in due time.

Galaxy S6 Metal - Bottom

Source: Nowhereelse.fr – Translated


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  1. Yeah. I think that most of what you are saying is true. I have the Droid Turbo and I have Ballistic Nylon on mine. Its really cool and GREAT for wireless charging! Not that I have a wireless charger, but I have used one before.

  2. I hope this isn’t the new S6, I don’t know why anybody would want a metal phone, it’s an inferior material for a phone. There seems to be a misinformation campaign that metal is the best premium material put out there by uninformed reviewers. Polycarbonate has major advantages. Metal does not transmit signals as well, is weaker and heavier, dents easier, is slippery, does not provide a removable back to change battery. I think polycarbonate is better for wireless charging also. The matte back Samsung uses feels way better in the hand. I think the Note 4 is a perfect blend of materials.

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