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Users of HTC One M7 and One M8 reportedly facing audio issues during phone calls

HTC One M8 Official

According to users of the HTC One M8 and the One M7, a recent app update could have possibly introduced a bug which restricts users from receiving or making phone calls. It seems like the issue is quite widespread at the moment as a large number of users are claiming to be seeing this on their devices. While we can’t be certain that the issue is caused by an app update, it is possible that a recent app could have triggered this bug.

Some users have reportedly found a fix to this bug by flashing new ROMs, which is worth a try if you’ve done that before. But as for other users, it seems like waiting for an OTA update from HTC is the only way to go. It’s quite unfortunate that the ability to make or receive phone calls has been hindered on these two devices as that essentially makes the phone obsolete. It is said that calls on WiFi calling are unaffected, so users will probably be able to bypass this bug through VoIP services.

Fortunately, HTC has acknowledged the issue and is expected to roll out a patch soon. In the meanwhile, HTC asks users to disable the Google services framework on their smartphones and restart it to find a workaround. Do you see this problem on your HTC One M8 or the One M7? Let us know below.

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  1. No, I haven’t got this problem but what I do have is a problem hearing some people on a calk when they speak quietly rather than loudly. The sound trails off, making it hard to hear. It’s not a case if having time turn up the volume, because it only happens in specific circumstances like when a person is speaking in an office and doesn’t want you be too loud. I hope you can understand what I mean because it’s rather annoying. I’ve turned beats audio off, makes no difference. I’ve also tested the circumstances with another phone (well, 3 others. 1 Lumia and 2 I phones) and they are perfect. Need help with this if anyone can. Thanks.

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