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HTC One M7 and the One M8 getting Android 5.0 update on Jan 3

HTC Sense - Android 5.0

The HTC One M8 and the One M7 will start receiving the Android 5.0 update in early January according to a new report. The Google Play Edition variants of the two devices have already received the update, but the Sense UI models were awaiting the latest flavor of Android.

The company reportedly gave away this information to media outlets in a closed London event, although HTC hasn’t made it public yet. The update should bring changes specific to Android 5.0 as we’ve seen on Nexus and GPE devices, but with HTC’s customizations on board. A recent leak showed us some screenshots of HTC’s implementation of the Android 5.0 ROM, so we have some idea of what to expect from the new update.

HTC originally planned to rollout the update within 90 days of the source code being available, so it’s good to see that the company is staying true to its course. Do you own a One M8 or a One M7? Let us know below.

Source: TechTastic – Translated

Via: Phone Arena


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  1. If they’re as quick about making kernel source available, the devs will be all over this within a few weeks. Now that I have Lollipop on my Nexus 7, looking forward to seeing it with Sense on my M8.

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