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Google confirms the memory leak bug from Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, fix on its way

Android 5.0

Ever since Google issued the Android 5.0.1 update to its Nexus devices, some users have been noticing memory drain related issues which would take up too much of the RAM space and even completely refresh the home screen on some occasions. There’s an ever growing thread on Google’s official bug tracker, confirming that this is not an isolated incident.

Google has now acknowledged this particular bug and has promised to fix it in a future update, whichever version of Android that might be. Given that Android 5.0.2 update is already rolling out to devices, it is possible that Google will issue a separate patch for this particular bug.

While Android usually takes up to 500MB of RAM space, this bug absorbs close to 1.2GB of the RAM. That’s more than half of the allotted space on devices like the Nexus 9, Nexus 5 and the Nexus 4, which has caused great concern for the users. So if you’ve been plagued by this issue, you should seek comfort in the fact that Google is already working on a fix.

Source: Google

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  3. I have just recently updated to a note 4 ⚃ from a note 3 (which in my opinion was an expensive piece of junk however I love my note 4, best phone they have built since the note 2 , which I still own and use. Now I realize that Galaxy has really supered up ⤴ the guts of this note 4 but I have found an issue that is absolutely alarming, distressing and sad 😔 and that is just how much data it takes to just simply run my phone 📱 daily. I first noticed this problem when first setting up my phone. The distressing issue that I’m referring to, is that in at least the Galaxy Note 4 that I now own, if left unused it goes through a tremendous amount of data daily. I tested it one day by turning the sound 🔊 off and leaving my note 4 unattended for 24 hours then checked data usage. In a 24 hour period left unused my Galaxy note 4 was using 128 mb daily just to run the phone which using anyone’s math comes to roughly 3.5 gb a month without touching it once!!!! I am not running lollipop yet so this is a mobile data issue and not some memory leak. Most people that I know are retired and homebodies like me and almost always connect to wifi at home when using the phone so mobile data shouldn’t even be an issue. I even installed a on/off data widget and it still uses data when the widget is in the off position and connected to wifi. What I’d like to know since I can’t get a straight answer from tmobile or samsung is if this is normal for a note 4? I have taken certain steps that do help. I make sure app. Settings like, ‘smart switch and load booster are unchecked and then I went through all apps in application manager and turned off 📴 and forced stopped a ton of apps and bloatware that were simply unnecessary. This combined with downloading a data on-off switch has greatly slowed down the device from gobbling platefulls of data every hour. This device is simply gobbling way to much data daily just to run the phone. I guess what I’m asking is if this a known issue or reality? SINCERELY ARTHUR MCBRIDE

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