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Moto 360 currently one of the best selling Android Wear devices

Moto 360 Press

According to a new report published by Canalys, the Moto 360 was one of the most successful Android Wear smartwatches this past quarter, even though it was only available for a month when the third quarter ended. This can be accredited to the immense hype and popularity generated by Motorola prior to its launch and thanks to its general form factor which struck a chord with the public. This provided Motorola’s offering a marketshare of 15%, which is more than any other Android Wear smartwatch.

Since then, we’ve seen the arrival of the LG G Watch R which features a similar form factor, so it will be interesting to see how the fourth quarter fares. Samsung took the cake for being the most successful smartwatch maker this quarter with a marketshare of 52%. This was possible due to the sheer number of smartwatches available from the Korean manufacturer with only one of them running Android Wear (Gear Live). The company also launched a SIM enabled wearable called the Gear S not too long ago, which will most likely reflect on the Q4 marketshare figures.

Source: Canalys

Via: Talk Android

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