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Google offering $50 Play Store credit with the purchase of a Sprint Nexus 6 between Friday and Monday

Sprint Nexus 6 Promo

Sprint and Google have teamed up to offer a decent deal on the Nexus 6 smartphone this Black Friday. For every unit of the Nexus 6 sold between Friday the 28th of November and the 1st of December on Monday, customers will receive a $50 Google Play Store credit to spend on apps and other content across the store.

This is Sprint and Google’s own way of pitching in on the Black Friday sales by offering an incentive to pick the Nexus 6 over other competitive offerings this shopping weekend. Bear in mind that you will have to be an actual Sprint customer to benefit from this new promo. The handset will require to be activated via Sprint by at least 15th of January 2015 for customers to be eligible for the credit. Beyond that, the promo code for the Play Store credit will be sent to the customers through a text message by the end of January.

If you’ve been wanting to purchase the Nexus 6 from a carrier, getting it through Sprint might be a wise choice this weekend.

Source: Sprint

Via: Android Police

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    Neither Sprint nor Google has heard of it. Google is offering a $50 play credit if you buy it through the Play Store.

    This was the selling point for me getting the Nexus 6 so I got it annnnddd… nothing.
    The guy at the store didn’t know about this promotion at all, but that didn’t surprise me. They rarely know a quarter of what the hell they’re talking about.

    I called Sprint Customer “don’t” Care and she said it has to come through Google (which didn’t sound right considering it’s a Sprint promo). It didn’t help that she kept saying she didn’t see a Nexus on my account… only a Motorola. Even after I told this carbon based bag of ignorance that the Nexus is MADE BY Motorola… THREE TIMES!

    Anyway… so I then called Google and they confirmed my previous beliefs (but of course they did. Retail has a better “pass the buck” policy than Washington DC). They told me it’s Sprint’s responsibility.

    So… long story short, the $50 credit was the deciding factor for me between the LG G3 and the Nexus 6. I was torn between the two but I got the 6 and… no credit.

    I wish people who claim to be tech reporters would research things like this prior to submission. This is not the only 3rd party tech site saying that this deal exists.

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