Samsung Gear VR already making its way to Best Buy outlets

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s experimental Gear VR wearable is reportedly being spotted in Best Buy outlets across the U.S. This essentially means that customers can have an up close look at the Samsung wearable ahead of its official launch (whenever that is). Bear in mind that even though the Gear VR is available in some stores, the device cannot function without the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, so it is not usable on its own. But then again, multiple Best Buy stores are stocking up on the Galaxy Note 4 as well, so you might just get a demo of the next big thing in the wearables segment.

Samsung hasn’t shared details on the official launch of the Gear VR headset, but considering that the Galaxy Note 4 is breaking cover mid-October, it shouldn’t take much longer for Samsung to bring the device to markets. Make sure you head over to your nearest Best Buy outlet to check if they have the Gear VR in stock.

Samsung Gear VR - Best Buy

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