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New chart details the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 - Launch Countries

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 4 by mid-October in the U.S. But what about other countries? Your wait is officially over as the company has detailed the launch time frame of the Galaxy Note 4 in regions across the world ranging from Asia to Europe as well as the Middle East.

As the chart mentions, the smartphone has already arrived in South Korea on the 29th of September with neighboring regions set to get in the coming weeks. Next on the list is India which will get the smartphone on October 10 while Singapore will follow a day after on the 11th. The company has announced that over 140 countries will be covered by late October, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. There’s no clarity on which markets will get the Exynos 5433 version, but we’re assuming it will mostly be the non-LTE markets. Regions like the U.S., UK and China should see the Snapdragon 805 version of the Galaxy Note 4.

Do you see your country in the chart above? Let us know.

Source: Samsung Mobile – Facebook

Via: Android Central


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  1. One of the most hotly contested category of smart phones. Samsung will have to outspend on this given the Phablet market is growing at 30% year on year. Just in 2012 Phablets sold 25 million units, The predicts the pundits make is that 2 in 3 phones will be a phablet by 2019. I don’t believe in Pundits but Phablet will take over the smart phone market.

  2. I’m surprised, with the economic power of China, they don’t initially offer them in China, along with Korea, then the rest of the world.

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