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ASUS expected to unveil its first smartwatch at IFA next month


If reports are to be believed, ASUS is prepping its first smartwatch for launch at next month’s IFA 2014 event. The company’s CEO Jerry Shen reportedly spilled the beans about this Android Wear powered wearable at an investor’s meet in Taiwan.

It is said that ASUS is aware of the slow growth that the smartwatch market will see in 2014, so the company is quite realistic with its approach towards the wearable industry. Google is reportedly content with this smartwatch and it is said to carry an even lower price tag than the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, which is excellent news, if true. The design is apparently better as well, but that can only be ascertained once we have our eyes on the device.

So add this to your list of expected wearables at next month’s IFA event in addition to the Samsung Gear Solo and the Gear VR. Hopefully, more manufacturers will come forward and launch Android Wear smartwatches at IFA as customers only have two devices to pick from at the moment.

What do you think of an ASUS smartwatch with a lower price tag and a better design? Let us know below.

Source: Focus Taiwan

Via: Phone Arena

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  1. why can’t the watch (smart watches) have a co-joined curved 3 sided screen that effectively wraps around the wrist.
    I simply can’t subscribe to wearing a hellishly thick piece of tech on my arm.
    Come on guys make this happen, otherwise I might as well strap the tiny iPhone on and wait 5 years.

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