Verizon Prepaid could get 4G LTE on July 17

Verizon Prepaid

A new report suggests that Verizon Prepaid could get 4G LTE starting from July 17. As you may know, 4G LTE from Verizon is only available for postpaid customers at the moment. So bringing this service on prepaid is certainly big news from the carrier’s perspective. Big Red is expected to come out with a confirmation regarding this very soon, so we’ll hope to get more info as we inch closer to July 17.

Droid-Life claims that Verizon will enable 4G LTE on its AllSet plans which currently offers 500MB of data along with unlimited calls and texts for $45 per month. And with Bridge Data, users should be able to add extra data in $5 (500MB), $10 (1GB) and $20 (3GB) denominations. However, it’s unclear if Verizon will retain the existing prices once it flips the 4G LTE switch for prepaid users, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

We’re yet to ascertain if the 4G LTE speeds will be similar to what postpaid users see or if there will be throttling done by the carrier, but don’t be surprised either way. The LG G2 is expected to be available through Verizon Prepaid by July 17, so users will have the best devices to choose from.

Via: Droid-Life

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  1. Check out the speed in your area. Where I live now and the other 2 cities over the last 12 months with the largest telco in the country (Telstra) it has slowed to a crawl.
    Because of the uptake of 4g, I’m now getting 3g speeds and during peak periods I sometimes can’t even connect to access web sites.
    Pre-paid is the way to go, if you are unhappy at least you have choice.

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