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Motorola Connect Gets A Big Update To Become A Real App



If you have a recent phone from Motorola (including the Moto X and the Droid Ultra, Maxx, and Mini), you probably know of the Motorola Connect service that allows you to see texts messages and phone calls on your computer via Chrome. Or you might not, since the service was formerly buried in the settings.

Now if you have one of these devices, the Motorola Connect service just got promoted to being a full app and comes with a few new features as well. First, the app has a new design language to match the rest of the UI. And secondly, the service now has a “Ring my phone” feature that will help you find your phone by making it ring, much like Lookout or Android Device Manager.

If you have a compatible phone, the app is free on Google Play and the extension for Google Chrome on your computer is available from here. Will you be using this service now that it’s been made more visible?

Source: Google Play via Android Central

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