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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 update bringing some new features to the table

Galaxy Note 3

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is running the latest version of Android, the device is still missing some of the features that we saw on the recently announced Galaxy S5. This has changed now to some extent as Samsung is now rolling out an update to its flagship phablet with features like Download Booster and Knox 2.0.

Download Booster leverages LTE networks and allows users to download content at faster speeds. Knox 2.0 is the company’s security based feature available across all new Samsung devices and will be welcomed by enterprise users. The update is being rolled out for the Snapdragon 800 model of the smartphone, although it might take a while to reach the entirety of the population. There’s no word on whether the Exynos variant of the phablet will get the update, but we won’t hold our breath.

Have you received this update yet? Make sure you let us know by dropping a line below. Legacy devices like the Galaxy Note series are always assured of receiving the latest updates and Samsung is living up to that promise.

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  1. It would invite you to install it! Then if GPS has changed to LOCATION, you’ve got it!

  2. Got it. “Download booster”, rename GPS to LOCATION, and, wait for it, . . , the return of the 3 x 4 keyboard. Yeah! With swipe it’s amazing. Try it. Goes back to querty if you turn phone landscape. Eat your hearts out isheep! This phone rocks!

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