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Amazon officially announces the Fire Phone with emphasis on 3D features

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s long rumored 3D smartphone, the Fire Phone has gone official in Seattle not too long ago. The CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos himself was available during the event to announce the new handset. As expected, the smartphone is heavily emphasized towards 3D features making it unique among the current crop of smartphones. The Fire Phone will be sold via AT&T for $199.99 with a two year contract starting from July 25.

Let us take you through the hardware of the smartphone before going deep into the 3D features of the device. The Fire Phone is packing a 4.7 inch 720p IPS panel, a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad core chipset, a 13-megapixel camera on the back with a f/2.0 lens as well as Optical Image Stabilization, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The handset also has stereo speakers built-in, so sound quality will not be compromised.

The device has four cameras on the front with “dynamic perspective” which leverages the 3D features depending on the way you’re looking at something (ex: lockscreen wallpaper). This feature is mighty useful in Maps as well where the users can tilt the phone accordingly to get an actual 3-dimensional view of buildings. It seems like the feature is still in its infancy, so we might see more useful features being added down the line.

Fire Phone -Camera

Amazon is also touting something known as MayDay which essentially allows users to ask a quick question about the smartphone to an Amazon representative, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Another interesting feature is Firefly which lets users find a particular item like a book, DVD, games or any media through the front camera and the phone will automatically open the item on Amazon. This works with music tracks as well and it can record music or TV Shows and redirect you to appropriate links on Amazon for purchase. The phone has a dedicated button to enable Firefly. The phone can also be hooked up to Miracast compatible devices like the Fire TV with a second screen feature known as X-Ray.

Fire Phone - X-Ray

Via: The Verge


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  1. In a poll taken on another site only 13% out the 45,000 respondants said they would definitely buy it.
    But it is not just the phone you’re buying into, you will be signing up for everything Amazon almost exclusively, which is not a bad thing in itself.
    With 4 front facing infrared camera trained on you constantly, or whenever you are using the device, which will be a lot. There will be no anonymity.
    You, your friends, you’re surroundings, you’re shopping and viewing habits all recorded on the ever increasing number of server farms.
    More than ever I would want guarantee’s from Amazon that my privacy will be protected.
    The Firephone itself looks to be simply amazing, in fact revolutionary. It would be great if it could be bought as a stand alone product ‘sim free’ anywhere in the world. I believe it would out sell the iPhone or any high end Android device.

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