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OnePlus One confirmed to be missing the mystery microSD card slot

OnePlus One

Over the past few days, there have been rumors circulating around the internet that the OnePlus One comes with a microSD card slot. Naturally, we were all quite impressed hearing this news considering that the company is already offering up to 64GB of native storage with the top end model. However, it has now come to light that this is an error, as the Cyanogen team has confirmed that the handset sports no expandable storage slot.

This was in response to a query from Android Police, who also failed to find a microSD card slot on the smartphone. OnePlus is yet to comment on this apparently, but the fact that Cyanogen has provided clarification puts this fake rumor to bed. The smartphone isn’t lacking in terms of storage to begin with as customers are getting to pick from 16 or 64GB of storage options.

The user manual of the smartphone reportedly indicated that there was a microSD card slot, which explains the reports floating around the internet.

Via: Android Police

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  1. I work on office machines, have done so for over 30 years. This is sometimes common with manuals. Often times the “version 1.0” of the manual for a new model, when similar to the previous model, they will do a simple copy/paste for the new manual from the old manual before printing, especially if they are in a hurry to get any FCC, UL or other approvals for shipping a device. Most of the time, the companies we deal with, have stopped printing paper manuals, and simply ship them on a CD/DVD, which is pressed weeks if not months before shipping. Updated manuals, by the time we receive them, 2-3 months after being assembled, are updated, and sometimes we receive update manuals before then even arrive. I’m sure, since the OnePlus One, shares a similar design, and hardware of the Oppo Find7-7a, they simply copied the manual from the Oppo device, and labeled it as the OnePlus One device. Since this for approval by the FCC, they were probably not too concerned with getting all the information in the manual correct, just enough for the FCC to make sure the device passed whatever tests are required, for approval.

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