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Camera lens of the HTC One M8 apparently gets scratched pretty easily

HTC One M8 Camera Scratch

Several owners of the HTC One M8 across the world are reportedly seeing several hairline scratches across the camera sensor. Some users are even reporting smashed lenses without any drop or force on the area, so it’s clear that there is a problem. HTC is yet to confirm this issue but is reportedly offering replacements for affected customers, which is an indirect confirmation of the issue. It is possible that some batches of the smartphone are suffering from the issue due to improper fitting of the lens.

But if it’s the component in itself that’s at fault, we don’t think replacements are going to solve the problem. We hope HTC finds the source of this issue and nips it in the bud before it gets too widespread, which is the last thing it would want considering that it’s trying hard to make a big comeback in the mobile industry with this smartphone.

So if you own a HTC One M8 and are facing similar problems, make sure you get in touch with your nearest HTC store for information on a replacement. Bear in mind though that minor scratches might not be eligible for a replacement. Hit the forums below to see if you’re facing a similar issue as several others.

Source: XDA Forums

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  1. I have an M8. The phone is protected by a supcase and glass screen protector. The supcase has a deep back recess so the lens is not in contact with surfaces. I keep the phone in a pocket of my jacket alone. No keys no coins

    The lens is getting progressively worse. It appears that even polishing it causes scratches. Photos are now blurred and I’m forced to return it and hope HTC do not blame wear and tear.

    The best defence I have is that by comparison the depth sensor above the camera is completely unmarked. Dies this suggest a problem with the lens cover? I think so. We will see.

  2. I had this exact problem! Here is my story of how I received a free repair from HTC:

    I emailed HTC’s USA President, Jason Mackenzie, directly with my complaint. (I did this over Memorial Day weekend.) I explained my past experience with the M7—which was excellent– and suggested that the M8 is
    somehow defective.

    Jason responded within hours and indicated that someone would contact me on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I was called on both my cell and work phone, and I received an email! When I got back with HTC, they offered to
    provide an overnight shipping label (both to and from HTC) and they also GUARANTEED that my phone would be repaired FREE OF CHARGE.

    Jason Mackenzie’s email address is: jason_mackenzie@htc.com

    ***In full disclosure, I emailed Jason from my work email address—I am an attorney. Notwithstanding, I think all affected M8 customers should receive this same remedy—and a free case to compensate for going without your phone during the repair. Anyway, give it a shot!

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