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Android users can now set reminders using Google Now

Google Now Reminder

We recently spoke about how Google Now was letting users set a countdown timer directly using voice commands, which is a very minor feature but didn’t exist for a long time. Today it has been discovered that Google Now can do reminders via voice commands as well, which means Google has listened to user queries and acted accordingly.

Google Now is known to provide quick information for the users in no time, but has been considered very limited as far native tasks go. So the addition of features like these will certainly go a long way in convincing users that it is still the best voice assistant going around, both in terms of performing native tasks and grabbing web related data.

Setting a reminder via voice is pretty simple and will ask for a confirmation once set, where the users will have to respond with “yes” or “no” depending on whether the reminder set was correct. As with the countdown timer feature, this addition has been made with a server level update, so it won’t need a formal app update for Google Search.

Via: Android Police


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  1. Certainly has! Although, completing the final confirmation can now be done by voice instead of physically.

  2. What is new is you can set the reminder by saying “Yes” when asked. Before you had to physically touch the screen to set the reminder. Not good when in a car or in handcuffs.

  3. This is not new and I’ve been using it since like the beginning when Google now 1st took off lol

  4. This feature has been in Google Now for months and months already. Where have you been?

  5. That’s been available for a few months already. I deleted my reminder/to-do apps quite some time ago because this is just easier and more reliable.

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