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YouTube update brings live video casting to Chromecast, removes Preloading option

youtube_update Google’s new Remote Desktop and Camera apps made their debut on the Play Store yesterday, and accompanying those new releases was an update to the YouTube app for Android with a useful new feature. Users can now cast live videos to a Chromecast, a feature that was introduced on the desktop recently and has now made it on to the mobile version of the app.

Another new feature is the introduced of a Captions menu, which will allow users to modify the look and feel of captions in videos, something that’s also built into KitKat. However, some will also be disappointed to see that the Preloading option in the settings menu has now disappeared, meaning videos will not be pre-cached for faster viewing, which could be an issue for those on slow internet connections. Hopefully, the option will come back in a future update, but for now, you’ll have to live without it.

The update’s now live on the Play Store, so go grab it.

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