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Verizon Galaxy S4 getting Android 4.4.2 update today

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

The Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy S4 was recently rumored to be getting the Android 4.4.2 update on May 2. But it seems like the carrier has had a change of mind as the update has begun rolling out a week early. Users of the smartphone on Big Red are now seeing the update to the latest version of Android with some minor changes to TouchWiz along with Android specific tweaks.

The update is available as an OTA, so it should reach all devices by the end of the day. But if you’re impatient to wait for the notification to pop up, hit the Settings and check for an update there manually. Verizon hasn’t updated the changelog yet, so there’s no confirmation on exactly new with this update. But given our experience with Android 4.4 updates over the past couple of months, we don’t think there will be any hidden surprises here.

If you own a Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy S4, now might be the right time to check for an update.

Source: XDA

Via: Android Police


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  1. Got an S4 which has just been updated to 4.4.2 Kitty kat, but the problem is that I now have NO DATA as Mobile Data doesn’t work anymore???? Any suggestions? Please!

  2. they can update the s4 but they cannot fix the 4.3 bugs that the s3 is having like huge battery drain, apps crashing and lagging among other problems. I hope this gets sorted out soon. I hate my phone because of the update.

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