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Verizon Combats T-Mobile’s Tablet Offer With Its Own

verizon wireless

That was fast. Already after T-Mobile announced that they would drop prices on tablets and give users more LTE data, Verizon has announced their own initiative.

If you have a “More Everything” plan on Verizon and add a tablet to your plan, you will get 1 GB of bonus data on top of what the plan offers. You have to have the 1 GB of data plan at minimum though, so you can’t just go with 250 MB and pay a lot less.

Still though, for anyone who has a Verizon plan (or isn’t in a T-Mobile reception area), this is a great offer. So head to your local Verizon store or buy a tablet online and take advantage of this deal.

Source: Verizon via Android Central

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  1. In any case the largest carrier, Verizon can’t match T-Mo because T-Mo is
    offereing LTE Tablet at cheaper price which Verizon has not offered, second at T-Mo, you get 1.2GB instead of 1GB…………….. telecomvibe(dot)com ……………..

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