Ubuntu For Android Is No Longer Being Developed

When Ubuntu for Android was announced during the MWC 2012 a lot of people were interested about it. This project aimed to bring Ubuntu to mobile devices by allowing it to co-exist with Android in a single smartphone. The smartphone will still work as it usually does however if the user wants a desktop experience all that is needed is to connect the device to a monitor and keyboard and it will immediately shift to the Ubuntu operating system.

ubunut for android

The latest update right now is that it seems that Ubuntu for Android is no longer being developed as Canonical has shifted its focus to Ubuntu Touch which is designed to totally replace the operating system of a device instead of co-existing with it. Matthew Paul Thomas, an interface designer with Canonical, posted a bug report in Launchpad stating that “<http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android> describes Ubuntu for Android as “the must-have feature for late-2012 high-end Android phones. Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development, so this page should be retired, along with <http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android/features>.” The post has already been scrubbed from the site however a cached version of it still exists.

When asked to comment about this Canonical representative Marina Engelvuori said that ” We still believe that U4A is a great product concept and that consumers would welcome the feature. The development within Ubuntu for U4A is complete. To take the development further requires a launch partner in order to make the necessary modifications on the Android side.

We are currently not in concrete discussions with launch partners, but we are still very much open to such a partnership. We are focused on Ubuntu for Phones at the moment, therefore we are not actively pushing for Ubuntu for Android. However, if a prospective partner steps forward, we are very much open to launching Ubuntu for Android.”

So there you have it. Ubuntu For Android is not going to be retired but instead Canonical is just waiting for a hardware partner to advance the development of the platform. Right now their focus is on Ubuntu Touch which gives them more control of a device.

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  1. I’m skeptical of that PR line. Canonical never demoed U4A working with graphics acceleration. It was always basically Ubuntu running in a VNC session, no different than what the chroot people have been doing for ages. That’s fine for running LibreOffice, but everything from watching videos to playing games wouldn’t run.

    I seriously doubt there haven’t been smaller players willing to take this to market. I think it’s an unfinished feature that Canonical abandoned just like Ubuntu TV, Netbook, One, and countless other stuff. Please Canonical, only announce stuff you are going to ship – these “we need momentum plays” hurt your image. You aren’t the biggest Linux player anymore… ironically, that’s Android today.

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