Sony releases Xperia Keyboard on Google Play

Sony releases Xperia Keyboard on Google Play

It looks like more and more Android manufacturers are seeing sense in putting their proprietary apps on the Play Store in order to provide quicker updates without the need of a firmware update. Sony isn’t exactly a stranger to this tradition, and today, the Japanese manufacturer has decided to release its Xperia keyboard on Google Play. 

Sony’s keyboard isn’t exactly the best manufacturer keyboard you’ll find on Android, but it’s certainly better than what Samsung or HTC offer. It has all the usual features seen in third-party keyboards these days – word prediction, suggestions, swipe functionality, and, of course, a good collection of emojis. Unfortunately, like other proprietary keyboards apps, Sony’s keyboard is only compatible with, well, Xperia devices, though at least for Xperia owners can now get new features and improvements much quicker than they could before.

Via: Android Police | Download: Google Play

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