Samsung Galaxy S4 Music Volume Goes Down on Its Own

galaxy s4 music volume problem

“While playing music in my Samsung Galaxy S4, the volume automatically goes down on its own. From there, I have to open the music player of the phone to restart the song I am listening to. But, the problem happens again after a moment. What could be causing this, and how can I fix this?” This was the message sent to us by one of our readers.

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Music Volume Problem

If you are sure that the music file that you are playing is not corrupted, and a simple restart has failed to fix the problem, here are solutions that have worked to some users experiencing the issue based on various forums:

1. Remove Any Third-Party Equalizers

According to one contributor in Galaxy S4 Forums, third-party equalizers are usually the culprit. So, he advises disabling or uninstalling them to fix the issue. One particular app that he identified to be causing the automatic adjustment of his music player is Equalizer by Smart Android Apps. He said that the issue stopped when he uninstalled it.

2. Observe Phone in Safe Mode

Try booting your device in Safe Mode. If the problem stops, there is definitely a third-party app triggering it. However, if the problem is still there, it might be the Android software itself triggering the issue or a hardware-related fault. Simply delete the app that you suspect has compatibility issues with your music player.

3. Do a Factory Reset

When the above solutions do not work, go to Recovery Mode and select Factory Reset. This will totally restore your phone to its factory settings. It will completely wipe all your stored files though, so remember to backup your data prior to this. You also wipe the cache partition in Recovery Mode if even Factory Reset fails.

4. Wait for an Update

If the problem is due to an OS version update, wait for another OTA update that contains a fix from your unit’s carrier or manufacturer. When there are no updates or updates fail to fix the issue, you can root and flash your phone, then, install a custom ROM that will remove the issue. This is very risky though, so do your research about the process first or seek help from a technician.

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Sources: Galaxy S4 Forums


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  1. Not just Samsung, I have phone volume off on its own with iPhone and LG too. Maybe they all come from same factory Made in China.

  2. I have the same exact issue only the volume goes both up and down automatically and it only seems to do this when I am at the gym working out. It doesn’t really happen any other time. I have no idea why. Sometimes if I put my finger on the volume button on the touchscreen and raise it up from mute so I can hear something and then let it go it just goes all the way down again. I already tired everything you posted here but don’t know what else to do.

  3. Just do this

    Maybe now Samsung, HTC etc should know that this is due to the crossing over or mixing up of the output device usually after a CALL


    Download and buy license from “SOUNDABOUT”

    1. Enable it

    Update the below

    2. Call volume to EAR PIECE

    3. Media to SPEAKER

    everything will be ok…after many year it has worked for my HTC ONE E9PLUS


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