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HTC One M8 ‘Ace’ to sport a plastic body and a 5.1 inch display: Rumor

HTC Logo - M8 Ace

We’ve known about the HTC M8 Ace for quite some time now. Earlier this month, we even saw a press image of the smartphone leaking out, so it’s clearly no secret. And now, according to sources cited by Engadget, the smartphone could break cover with a specs sheet to rival the Samsung Galaxy S5. That’s including the 5.1 inch display as well as the 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 chipset. It is also said that HTC will go with a plastic body to keep costs down while keeping the internals high end.

The report further suggests that the M8 Ace will be priced lower than the Galaxy S5 to make it an attractive option for the buyers. As of now, there’s no word on whether this smartphone will feature the Duo-Camera from the HTC One (M8) or a different sensor altogether, which is a very crucial part of the puzzle.

If HTC can come up with something similar to the Galaxy S5 in terms of hardware and offer it for a much lower price, it could prove to be a winner for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Via: Engadget 

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