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ZTE trying to steal the spotlight from the new HTC One, schedules event for March 25

Nubia X6

ZTE is expected to announce the Nubia X6 smartphone soon, but we didn’t quite know when. The manufacturer has now announced an event for the arrival of its new smartphone and strangely, it’s on the same day as the HTC event (March 25). The Chinese manufacturer probably wants to steal some of the spotlight from the new HTC One which has already been revealed in several leaks.

The Nubia X6 is rumored to feature a 6 inch 1080p or 2K 2HD resolution display, a 16 megapixel camera with OIS and support for a wide range of network frequencies to suit various markets across the globe. This hints that the manufacturer could be finally looking to bring its smartphones to a large number of world markets in addition to China and the neighboring regions. ZTE had some presence in the U.S. as well, but not a lot of high end devices have been announced by the manufacturer.

We’re not sure if the company will be successful in stealing the attention from HTC during its March 25 event. But it’s certainly a bold move from ZTE to schedule an event on the same day as another major manufacturer.

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  1. So, the even happened, and everyone was talking about how disappointing the new HTC One is, nobody cared about the ZTE phone. Just telling.

  2. Exactly in emerging markets like Asia, the phone which can cost lesser is always preferred.

  3. Even then that’s not even slightly a treat to HTC. ZTE has no chance of shining in the US, and HTC is well known for its smartphones, has a very huge demand for the all new One, and there is a good developer base as well. So do the math.

  4. They have come up with a good phone. Hope they do good. If they succeed more Asian OEM would come forward to use Snapdragon instead of MTK.

  5. Maybe, but almost everything is known about the new HTC One. So ZTE may just pull of a coup.

  6. ZTE doesn’t stand a chance against HTC, not when HTC is going to announce The All New HTC One.

  7. This is an interesting move. But even after this, I don’t think ZTE will be able to “steal the spotlight” from HTC. HTC’s new One is one of the most anticipated devices of the year.

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