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US Cellular To Cut Prices Of Data Plans on March 13th

It looks like US Cellular is following in the steps of its bigger brethren now. Following Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T cutting prices for their plans, now US Cellular is getting in the game.



Thankfully, this is not a promotional change. It’s permanent. And these are excellent changes. If you had the $40 monthly plan, you only had 300 MB of shared data. Now you will have 1 GB of shared data. That’s a 3x gain in the amount of data for no extra cost. And if you don’t use much data, that 300 MB plan now only costs $15 per month.

And for a short time, you will be able to get a single-line of 1 GB of data for $60 per month. That’s a good deal, as long as you don’t live in a T-Mobile LTE area. If you have T-Mobile in your area, you get 3 GB of data for $60 per month. But if you live in an area without T-Mobile coverage, that is an excellent plan.

This is a leaked internal memo, so it’s not “official” yet. But according to this document, these new plans will be launching on March 13th, which is this Thursday. And everyone will know they have more data via a text message. So if you’re on US Cellular, enjoy your bonus data.

Source: Droid-Life


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  1. It’s an interesting scenario for the owner of a little carrier. He or she is probably earning good money on the little market share they have, as they no doubt provide good service in an area where the big four have lackluster service. So, the owner could give up that good money and let a big carrier buy his or her company for a large sum. It’s quite a dilemma–give up consistent income and competition for a large sum of money or stay small and stagnant with that consistent income!

  2. Exactly. I guess they must be content with what little market share they have. Or might be scared that if they start growing, somebody will buy them along the way.

  3. I wonder why? I’m sure some of it is that the big four keep buying them up…but for those that aren’t under that pressure, I wonder what the issue is.

  4. It definitely is. But in the smartphone industry, its like the little guys don’t want to grow at all.

  5. The big four carriers–Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon–have the most coverage in the United States compared to any other available option out there. Since they’re the only ones with extremely good coverage, they can be as greedy as they want, people will still buy their services because they need that good coverage. And to top it off, they won’t let any of the little guys grow so they can keep the market the way it is. I believe we call it an oligopoly.

  6. Yeah, and data changers are not really so expensive in Europe, or even in Asia. I don’t understand why these companies in the US charge so much.

  7. I hope they cut them even more…especially AT&T! The last cut was stunning, but I certainly wouldn’t mind saving a little more on my bill. And really, it wouldn’t hurt AT&T in the least. After all, people flock to whomever has the lowest price. 😉

  8. This is awesome news. T-Mobile created a ripple in the market, and now everyone is following in their footsteps, almost. Talk abut a domino effect.

  9. Good to know data plans costs are dropping while browsing speed are getting faster.
    With smartphones being mainstream today, we can only hope this will continue. telcos should realize this.

  10. It’s about time. Hopefully lowering down the cost of data becomes the trend. smartphones are becoming increasingly cheaper and more popular so I think it makes business sense for them to cut down the cost.

  11. Yeah. Now all these wireless carriers are coming into their senses. The data charges have been too much lately. I hope these prices remain cut.

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