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Technology behind Samsung’s ISOCELL camera explained in a video


The Samsung Galaxy S5 was recently announced by the manufacturer with a plethora of new features. One of those which stuck to our minds though was the camera (apart from the heart rate monitor and the fingerprint scanner of course).

The Korean manufacturer has now posted a detailed video explaining the functioning of the ISOCELL technology which is being used on the Galaxy S5 smartphone. Samsung originally showed off this feature in September, although there were no devices back then featuring this technology.

ISOCELL basically allows the sensor to gather more light, especially in low light conditions to boost image quality substantially. Although it’s no Nokia Lumia 1020, the smartphone does an excellent job of reproducing colors. We saw a bit of that in the sample images taken from the camera which was shown off recently.

So make sure you watch the video below, as it might influence your decision to get the smartphone in the future.

Via: Talk Android


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  1. Yea it kind of does sound like a plug. I do like some Samsung products, I have three of their monitors as spares in my house but I won’t use their phones. I never heard enough about the product to make a legit choice, I would rather stick with my Nokia.

  2. The problem with these videos is that they’re promotional material. When the public sees it, all they see is that the S5 is packing good technology. How about showing us the negatives and positives of this technology? Show us how it really works, not just the positive side.

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