Sprint’s HD Voice service will be available throughout the U.S. by July

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Sprint has announced that it will bring its HD voice service to the entirety of the U.S. by July this year. This will also require compatible devices to function, so the carrier is expected to roll out an update which brings support for the feature. The information was given out by the CEO Dan Hesse while speaking at the Oracle Industry Connect conference.

Sprint has already rolled out the HD Voice update to some of its devices over the past few months, and we can expect the carrier to keep updating devices to increase the compatibility list even further.

HD Voice will basically negate background noise associated with regular phone calls and provide much better in-call voice clarity. This technology uses seven octaves while standard voice calls make use of four octaves, so it’s substantially different from what you’re used to right now.

Most flagship devices should be compatible with HD Voice and that includes the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as the new HTC One. So who’s looking forward to trying out this new feature?

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  1. HD Voice? I don’t know how to place it but it’s clearly redundant given the quality of voice calls nowadays. how clear can a voice over the line gets?

  2. HD voice calling. Nice. But do we really need this? I don’t the voice quality that we have right now is bad enough to go for HD options.

  3. Does AT&T have something like this? I would love HD voice calling, although they’ll probably charge extra for it. Grr…

  4. I never thought I would see HD voice calling! I had no idea you could make a phone call “high definition.” I don’t like static and background noise when I’m talking though, so maybe this is something worth reading up on.

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