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Sprint Details KitKat Rollout For Select Samsung Devices


Today, Sprint has revealed their plans for upgrading select Samsung phones and tablets to Android 4.4 KitKat. Devices like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 have already started to get KitKat OTA, respectively on February 13th and February 20th.

Sprint now says that those won’t be the only devices that will be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat. There’s no timeline right now, but these devices are planned to get updates:

  • Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy S4 Mini
  • Galaxy S3
  • Galaxy Mega
  • Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

It’s good to see more devices get KitKat, since that’s the latest version of Android. But like with previous upgrades to KitKat, these devices won’t see any major UI changes. But you will get the new location menu, SMS in the Hangouts app, and the upgraded lock screen features that KitKat has to offer.

Hopefully a timeline is provided soon for these devices. But until then, at least you know that if you have one of these devices, Sprint and Samsung are working together to update these to KitKat 4.4.

Source: Sprint via Android Central


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  1. Good to know. I don’t face any such crashing issues on mine. And a third party messaging app, try Go SMS Pro from the Play Store. It has been one of my favorites messaging apps. But after Hangouts bringing SMS integration, I’ve stopped using this.

  2. Battery life has improved and love the extra settings although I may not use things like daydream. (assuming that wasn’t there before). Voice commands are better. Messaging app has been crashing for no reason though so may have to change to another. Also clipboard use crashes to. Try opening your clipboard and see what happens. But hey, I’m happy.

  3. That’s awesome. 🙂 And do you see any improvement in the performance or the battery life?

  4. Hi Shawn, got the update so that’s cool. It’s working fine and the new settings layout seems better.

  5. Thanks Shawn but yeah I’ve tried the manual systems update early on and it’s saying the latest update already installed. But fair point I should wait for the update notification. I got one on my Samsung tab2 10.1 and it used 900mbs but they warn that in advance so that’s sweet.

  6. It has nothing to do with the plan you have. You just need to have enough data available, or you’ll be charged for the amount of data that exceeds your plan. And its better if you have good download speeds as well. If you haven’t got the update notification yet, go to Settings on your phone, then go to About Phone, and you’ll have systems updates there. You can manually check and update.

  7. I have plenty of data on monthly prepay cranked up all right, maybe I just have to wait my turn for the update. Just wondering if you need to be on a monthly phone plan to get the update.

  8. Yup. You need to have your data ON, or on Wi Fi to get the update. I would suggest you get on a Wi Ki network, because the download might be in hundreds of MBs.

  9. I’m on prepay with a S3 in New Zealand (I’ve just bought it) and it has 4.1.2. Does that mean you need to be on a data contract to get the update for S3.. My Tab 2. 10 .1 which is on prepay has been updated to Kit Kat.

  10. Indeed. And if we look at the S4, and even the S5, it gets a whole lot bigger. Maybe they’ll cut some things out, or maybe 4.4 will make it smoother as a whole.

  11. Its all about the extra features that you get in the TouchWiz ROM. Samsung puts so many of them unwanted features that it becomes so heavy weight.

  12. Why would you need the TouchWiz version if you already have custom ROMs running KitKat? I’m running Android 4.4.2 CM11 nightlies on my S3. I use it only for testing, so I don’t know much about the performance difference. But I think it has better battery backup.

  13. Is the international version of the Galaxy S3 getting the update as well? Any news about that? I’ve been running custom Android 4.4 Kitkat ROMs on mine. I would like to try out the TouchWiz version as well.

  14. I was almost about to dispose off my Galaxy S3 for a more “secure” smartphone. But with Android 4.4 KitKat on the way, I think I’ll stick with it for some more time.

  15. Exactly, that was my thought too. It’s really good to see Samsung trying to correct its mistakes. But I hope this update makes the whole TouchWiz ROM a bit lighter. The S3 already already has issues of lag with the current version of the ROM.

  16. I heard that too! I wonder when they’ll fix that…On another note, isn’t Spring under new management now? Things should be getting better, rightt?

  17. KitKat on the Galaxy S3? Wow. Figured Samsung wouldn’t have bothered with that, since we’re now coming up on the S5.

  18. I like the idea that Sprint is still fighting to stay on the top when it comes to others out there, but do they have the resources to do roll out this much new stuff? The last I heard they still had issues with customers not having reception due to not having enough towers.

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