Spotify offering a 50% discount on its monthly subscription for American students


Spotify has just announced a decent promotion for students in the U.S. who can now get its monthly subscription for just $4.99. To avail benefits of this new discount, users will have to provide valid proof of eligibility via SheerID. This includes enrollment information, name and some other essential details.

This discount will be valid for one year, after which you can re-enter details again to prove that you’re still student and avail the discount again. Users get to benefit from this discount for a maximum period of three years. Luckily, the deal is applicable to existing Spotify users as well.

While there’s a free version of Spotify available, the paid version comes with several perks which justifies the monthly subscription fees. Rivals offer subscription services for a similar price but this new discount has certainly made Spotify an attractive option, at least among students.

Make sure you head over to the link below and check if your institution is eligible for this new promo.

Source: Spotify

Via: Android Authority


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  1. Spotify is a digital music service, which give the subscriber access to millions of songs on its database.

  2. What exactly is Spotify? My daughter is a college student so I am interested to know more about it. I do believe that she has the free version right now.

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