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Sony Xperia Z2 reportedly facing components supply issue

Xperia Z2

According to a new report, Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Xperia Z2 might be going through some components supply issues. This could apparently lead to the shipments of the handset being delayed, which might prove to be a massive blow for the Japanese manufacturer. Of course, none of these claims are confirmed as of yet, so take it with a pinch of salt.

It is said that Sony is facing issues procuring the components such as the processor and baseband chips required by the smartphone in adequate quantities, which is reportedly causing this delay. The source has clarified that Qualcomm is not responsible for the delay as it doesn’t supply those components. The smartphone was originally expected to break cover in March, but that date has now been pushed to April 11 which is also when Samsung launches the Galaxy S5 in global markets.

If this report is true, the smartphone could be available in limited quantities when it becomes available in markets of Asia and Europe next month. Of course there’s still some time left, so we expect a company like Sony to figure things out and make the necessary adjustments by then.

Source: Esato

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  1. Low grade material? I din’t know that. The smartphones in their metal body don’t feel like they are low grade materials. But well, I don’t know that much.

  2. Sony is seriously not doing good these days. Plus these component problems. Wonder how they will cope up with such huge competition.

  3. I hope this isn’t going to be the same problem we had with the One last year. It took forever to get enough HTC One devices in stock for it to actually release.

  4. They make good looking devices for sure. But they usually have really big bezels and the software will not really be so good. I’ve experienced it, a few of my friends have this.

  5. Sony seems to be losing it day by day. They should rethink their strategy while making a new devices. Also I believe they should work more on their android software.

  6. Really? Because my friend said that he knew some of the employees of Sony who wouldn’t be willing to own a Sony device. They say, Sony tried to cut costs at every corner by using low grade materials and resources. And yeah, the software is nowhere in line for global competition.

  7. I guess the limited numbers hitting the market will not be an issue. It’s not like Sony’s smartphones will be selling out of stock every time.

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