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The Sony Xperia Z2 could be coming to the U.S. as a Verizon exclusive

Xperia Z2

According to reports out of Japan, the Sony D6508 or the Xperia Z2 could be landing on Verizon’s shelves as an exclusive in Q2 2014. The handset will reportedly support LTE/CDMA2000/WCDMA/GSM bands and has only recently received WiFi certification as well.

It is a little surprising that the Xperia Z2 would launch as an exclusive via Verizon as Sony smartphones have traditionally been launched through T-Mobile in the U.S. If this report is indeed true, the Xperia Z2 will be the first Sony handset since the Xperia Play from three years ago to don Verizon’s shelves.

The availability of the Sony flagship through Verizon could change the game drastically as Sony has never really enjoyed a widespread release of its devices in the U.S. since the past few years. And since T-Mobile only offers devices off contract, users were obliged to pay the full retail price up front, which is a deal breaker for many out there. So a contract version of the premier Sony flagship on the nation’s largest carrier could certainly make things very interesting.

We’re still awaiting further confirmation from Sony, so you should take this with a pinch of salt until then.

Source: Blog of Mobile (Translated)

Via: Phone Arena


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  1. Haha. I remember a time when Japanese electronics used to rule. Koreans overtook them in a big way. 🙂

  2. If you go to any store and ask for any other phone not being Samsung or Apple the reps will drive you away from it. The Note 3 will be my last Samsung phone I am tired of paying top money to beta test for Samsung.

  3. I have a feeling that this phone will bend and suffer the same fate as the Z1. Thousands of z1 users have reported that their phone has bent on its own. It’s a relatively common problem with the xperia Z1. If you keep it in a plastic(or
    other material that doesn’t conduct heat) case, heat cannot escape so
    the phone gets hot. The Z1’s frame is made out of aluminum while the case is glass.
    Metal changes length more than glass when exposed to heat so the phone

  4. Well I’m stuck with AT&T, guess I’ll get that crappy Samsung S5 instead. Too bad Sony, you lost big time.

  5. That’s ok. Sony hates money. Eventually their cellphone business will die off and no one will care about their phones anymore.

  6. Sprint has CRAPPY connection, if they have exclusivity with Sprint, Sony will be losing money REALLY fast. I’m glad Sony didn’t go with them, Sprint needs to be shut down.

  7. Verizon is taking over Sony’s phone this time. At least until their contract ends.. which won’t be until the next phone arrives anyway. Ha. I won’t be surprised if Verizon decides to take over Sony’s Z3 next time. I guarantee you AT&T will never get this phone. They don’t give a rat’s tail about Sony. They only care for Samsung and Apple. That’s it.

  8. Verizon is taking the exclusivity this time. Poor T-Mobile must be really upset over this. AT&T doesn’t give a s*** because they have Samsung S5. Sprint…oh, poor Sprint. I bet they’re wishing they had Z2. My cousin has Sprint and their connection really SUCKS.

    I guess Sony doesn’t care about making all that money. They’d be losing it all for sticking with Verizon. Their loss.

  9. Yes T-Mobile does not subsidize phones any more but the customer is not required to pay the full cost up front. The customer can pay for it upfront if they choose. They offer interest free financing and break up the cost into monthly payments. It is the same model as the subsidized pricing plans just worded differently and the price structure broken down so the customer sees how much of the monthly bill is for the service, taxes/fees, equipment/handsets, etc. If you don’t know how a company operates their pricing structure in another country then don’t report on that aspect of it as it is misleading.

    The issue Sony has in the states resulted from the companies lack of full marketing and interest in the industry here. The North American market was put on a hold as they focused on Asia and Europe. Sure T-Mobile released the Z and Z1 but months after the official world releases. Apple, Samsung, HTC, and to some degree LG have cornered our market and made it hard for other manufactures to make profits. Now the company is turning more attention to the region. We also use different frequencies and bands which require different handsets to be made than just one international usable version.

    As many people have said, Sony should not do exclusive deals and release the phone on all cell companies. That is how they will gain market share. Hopefully this information is not true and all customers who want the phone can buy it from their respective provider.

  10. Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 23 secs.Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 23 secs.I can’t wait to tell you how you can get MORE! Ask me about our new MORE Everything Plans now! Your RealTime session ID is RT6414739347.You are now chatting with ‘Maddison’Maddison: Hello, welcome to Verizon Wireless sales chat! My name is Maddison, may I have your name, please?You: Hello, I just have a few questionsMaddison: I’d be happy to assist you.You: BarbYou: We wanted to switch our current plan, and maybe do the edge program, but only if you will be getting the sony z2. Can u confirm for me by chanceMaddison: How may I assist you Barb?Maddison: I do not have any information on that, I do apologize.You: Verizon has received the necessary Wi-Fi certification and that the handset has LTE/CDMA2000/WCDMA this is what I read as of 3/26/14Maddison: I do understand.You: So your saying you wont recieve the sony z2?Maddison: I am saying, I do not have any information on if Verizon will get that phone or not.You: Then who can I contact that would know?Maddison: 1-800-922-0204 is the number .You: With verizonMaddison: Press 0 to get a agent.You: This number is what department?Maddison: Customer care department.You: And they would know? How is that and you do not Maddison: This is sales in a sales department to assist with orders.So this being said the I called also and noone can confirm verizon will recieve this device, all they are saying in sales is probably not because of issues with sony devices in the past.Seems intresting no one knows anything…….lol

  11. Sony has the best smartphone in q2, this would be a bad decision to have it on one carrier, this is no longer 2010.

  12. I agree with you! I can`t wait to get this phone. I haven`t been this excited about a device since I got my first smartphone back in 2008 – an iphone 3g lol. I really hope that all carriers will pick up this bad boy.

  13. Ugh, why not just release for all carriers? The z2 is going to probably be the best phone of the year so sales would not be a problem.

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