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Samsung posts a teaser for a new device announcement tomorrow

Samsung Teaser

A new teaser posted by Samsung Russia on Twitter has revealed that the company will be launching a new device tomorrow. There’s no word on what this device will be as the manufacturer has only posted the image that you see above, but it appears to be a new smartphone.

The teaser also reveals five dots in different colors, with one of the colors matching the device shown in the picture, which reaffirms claims of a new handset being announced.

But the fact that this is event has been teased only by the Samsung Russia page makes us feel if this will be a local announcement for a device which will be limited to the region. It can’t be the Galaxy S5 as the smartphone is already up for pre-order in several locations, nor can it be the Galaxy Note 3 as it has been available for quite some time now. So perhaps a new midrange device is on the cards, which has massive demand in markets like Russia.

We’ll keep you posted tomorrow when Samsung shares details about this mystery device in its event announcement.

Source: @SamsungRu – Twitter

Via: GSM Arena


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  1. Another device? Really Samsung? Don’t tell me this is the “premium” version of the Galaxy S5 which your CEO said does not exist.

  2. Not everywhere. Some countries have restrictions that companies don’t want to or can’t meet with, say, the S5. That said, Samsung’ll alter the components or design a tiny bit, call it something else, to make it legal in certain regions.

  3. Just watch – it’s going to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 “Putin Edition.” Or maybe the Samsung S Crimea. ūüėČ

  4. Hmm, what an interesting teaser! I thought that whenever a new device was released by a company like Samsung, that it released everywhere. I didn’t realize that some devices are only available in certain regions. Wonder what they’re getting that we aren’t!

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