Samsung Galaxy S5 Includes Free Subscriptions, Premium Services Worth Over $500

Are you planning to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it gets released this coming April 11? The device is expected to cost around $600 which is a little bit on the high side however the company is also throwing in a couple of freebies that’s worth over $500 making it a very interesting deal.

Galaxy S5

Samsung announced in its website the “Samsung Galaxy Gifts” which is described as “Meaningful rewards from the world’s top brands to make your GALAXY S5 experience even more enjoyable and productive. From fitness to news to productivity apps, the Samsung GALAXY S5 comes with free, long-term subscriptions and premium services.”

Here’s what you will be getting.

  • Run Keeper: Tracks your fitness activity and shares it with your friends. 1 year free premium service ($20)
  • Skimble: Workout trainer that comes with thousands of multimedia workouts. 6 months free premium service ($42)
  • Wall Street Journal: Get timely news and insights right in your mobile device. Free 6 month subscription to Wall Street Journal ($160)
  • PayPal: Pay with PayPal and get special offers (totaling $50 or more in value) from your
  • favorite stores
  • EasilyDo Pro: Time management app. Free app purchase ($5)
  • Cut the Rope 2: Feed candy to Om Nom. $10 in-game credits
  • Box: One of the best cloud storage solutions. Free 50 GB for 6 months and $60 value
  • Evernote: Stay organized with this app. Free Premium Service for 3 months ($15)
  • Lark: Your personal wellness assistant app. 1 year premium service ($36)
  • Map My Fitness: Designed for runner, cyclists and joggers. Keeps track of pace, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more. 6 months free premium service ($36)
  • Bloomberg Businessweek +: Get business news and market trends. Free Subscription: 12 Months ($30)
  • LinkedIn: The social networking website for people in professional occupations. Free LinkedIn Premium account for 3 months ($75)
  • Blurb: Allows you to create your own mobile book. Free $5 Coupon ($5)
  • Flick Dat: Fun way to share contacts. Free download of $2 paid app
  • Bitcasa: Allows users to  store, share, backup and stream unlimited amount of data in the cloud. Free Premium Service: 1TB storage for 3 months ($30)

Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy S5 at the recently held MWC 2014. It has a 5.1-inch display and comes with several new features such as a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor just to name a few.

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  1. I agree. Its good if people start thinking like you. Android is made so that people could experiment and build their own versions of the OS so that its becomes more productive. But people often don’t think this way. They are only interested in what they get out of the box.

  2. Well I was a novice when I got my Nexus 4. But I loved the vanilla ROM. And I slowly learnt to explore the Android software. Made mistakes and learnt from them too. It is only when you give an opportunity will people learn.

  3. By target population, I mean people who aren’t going to be attracted to Vanilla ROM and won’t be able to use much of the Nexus device’s raw performance. Nexus would be more suitable to someone who is into exploring android in every way possible. It is just my thought. 🙂

  4. I agree with you. They should put all the extra baggage to the Play Store or even to their own app store, from where users can download. And the target population according to me is people who don’t give a sweat about what Android is, they just want to have all the flashy features they can get.

  5. Define the target population? Samsung makes devices with bloatwares and these perks which is not really necessary. But the problem is they don’t make it optional. You have to use what you are served. Not fair exactly.

  6. Yes that is true! But the Samsung series is made for a target population which would prefer the freebies provided. Samsung device is definitely not for people who go for raw performance of Nexus, but rather go for the feature rich quality of Samsung.

  7. Yeah. Its not only about the freebies that you give with your product. Your product should be worth the money, and the hype. If it is, you would not have to offer freebies like these. Look a the Nexus line. No freebies, sometimes not even a complete set of accessories, such as the ear phones. But still they manage to sell in good numbers. May not be as much as the Galaxy series, but good enough numbers.

  8. You get the premium service of Evernote for free. When I bought my Note 3 last month, I got one year of Evernote premium service for free with it. Here you are getting only 3 months of it. With the PayPal service, I think you get to spend $50 on a few select stores. So you are basically getting $50 to spend away.

  9. How are they plugging apps like PayPal and Evernote? I thought both of these were free on just about any platform? i don’t get it but I know that small list would not be enough to make me switch.

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