Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 2]


UPDATE: We listed all problems, solutions, troubleshooting guides, tips and tricks into one page to make it easier for you to find information you’re looking for. Visit our Samsung Galaxy S3 Index page.

Apparently, this is the second part of our Galaxy S3 Problems series and there are 15 questions / problems cited in this post. We received a lot of emails since I posted the first part and many remain unanswered. But don’t worry, I will continue writing posts like this and provide support.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1]

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Stock email not working, Wi-Fi issues

Problems: Hi, my S3 refuses to run the native email app which I’m running exchange, so can’t use any apps that uses groups etc, like my SMS group app. It just brings up a white screen and says email isn’t working. I’m also experiencing issues with WiFi as well not connecting when I know full well that there’s a valid connection in the house. I’m seriously thinking of rolling back to previous version, is this possible? Appreciate your help! Regards, Mark.

Solution: Hey Mark. The first problem seems like a minor app issue. You could try going to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Email > Force Close, Clear Cache, and Clear Data. You may lose your settings as well as messages saved in your phone but for now, it seems you don’t have a choice but to clear cache and data.

There are a lot of reasons why your phone can’t connect to your home network. But aside from rebooting your network devices such as your router or modem, try going to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and tap the Menu key and set “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Always.” Moreover, turn WiFi power save mode off.

Downloading software update

Problem: My boyfriend was up late the other night and got the prompts to update both of our phones (Galaxy S3s). Well we ended up having to switch phones because what was my phone ended up being screwed up and he had to factory reset both (and to make it up to me, he gave me his which didn’t have a cracked screen). Well, shortly after, the phone he gave me got the notification that my phone was downloading software update. It’s been “downloading software update” since the 2nd of March – 3 days ago. I’ve tried restarting my phone, but nothing seems to help. Any way you can help?Kayla

Solution: It seems to me that your internet connection was interrupted while you were downloading the update. A reboot will not be able to fix it. Instead, go to Settings > Application Manager > swipe left to choose All tab > scroll to and tap Download Manager > tap Clear Data button. You may be required to download the package again, so do that. In case this procedure wouldn’t work, perform a factory reset again via the recovery mode.

Phone won’t charge

Problem: Hello,

I have bought my phone a year ago on contract and now been having problems with it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and my phone will no longer charge. I could have it on charge all day and all night it says its charging and may only charge 3% or a tad more. I take it off charge and it will go off straight away.

Before I took my phone back to where I got it from. I plugged my phone in with a different charger, I have bought a new battery and also updated my phone and reset it back to factory settings none of which fixed it.

So then I took it back to the shop and they sent it away for repairs. I got it back saying they fixed it with a new battery and a new update. So I took it home and uploaded all my apps again but it is still the same.

So I took it back to the shop once again and to get a new phone and they replaced it with a new refurbished phone and a new battery.

Took it home and updated my phone with all my apps once more. The problem is still there. It will not charge only a little. Sometimes won’t charge at all. So I can’t use my phone at all its very frustrating.

Can you help me at all or fix the problem that I am having?

Any suggestions would be grateful.

Thank you. — Tara

Answer: So, basically, we have two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones that share the same problem while under your care. Do you think it’s a coincidence? It’s not and based on your message, it’s not a hardware issue. You said you updated the refurbished phone with all your apps and the problem was “still there.”

You know, Tara, it’s actually difficult to diagnose phone problems if I can’t physically inspect the phones myself. So, when writing articles like this, I always take the words of the owners. In your case, it seems you’re lacking something. So, I would ask you, was the phone working fine before you put all your apps back?

If the answer is yes, then one of your apps is causing the problem. Since you’ve already restored all your apps, try booting to Safe Mode and see if the phone boots up. From there, you can  uninstall your apps one by one.

The ultimate fix for this is performing a factory reset and installing your apps back one after the other while being observant so as to find out which one causes the problem. I hope this helps.

Phone freezes when screen rotates

Problem: Hi there,

I saw your post regarding problems experienced by Galaxy S3 users after the 4.3 update on Drippler yesterday. I experienced an issue that I didn’t see listed.  If my S3 is on screen rotation mode, sometimes when it’s in the midst of rotating, my screen freezes. I have to take the battery out every time this happens to unfreeze the screen. It’s not a particular screen that it happens on…it could be on text messages, a contact, internet, etc. it will freeze in the middle of the screen rotation. I’ve turned the screen rotation option off for now as I don’t like having to take my battery out every time it freezes. Please let me know if there’s a fix in place for this. Thanks, Kathy

Answer: Yeah, disabling screen rotation is the immediate workaround. But there could be some issues with the version of Android that’s installed on your phone. If you know how to do and if you’re cool with all the hassles, you can root your phone, download the same firmware you have in your phone right now and flash it with ODIN. But the best thing you could actually do right now is perform a factory reset (after you’ve backed up all your data) just to give the phone a fresh start. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please wait for the upcoming 4.4 KitKat update, it will be rolled out soon. I hope you can last a few weeks with screen rotation disabled.

Can’t upload on Instagram

Problem: Hello TheDroidGuy! I got a bug on my Samsung Galaxy S3 after I downloaded Andriod 4.3. The bug is that if I want to upload a video to Instagram I can record it and lay effects on it, but I can’t get to the point where I can type and upload it. It crashes ever single time I do it. I know it might not be too serious but it is annoying. Thanks for your time!Anders

Answer: It could be just a minor compatibility issue between the Instagram app and the firmware. The best you could do is clear the cache and data of instagram. You may lose some of your data on Instagram if you do this so back them up before hitting the button. If that doesn’t solve the problem, force close the app, clear the cache and data again and uninstall it, and then re-install it. It’s an Instagram-specific problem and reinstallation of the app should solve it.

Phone sluggish after update

Problem: Hi,

I have read your article ‘Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems after the Andriod 4.3 Update, Part 1.’

My problem however is not covered in there yet. After installing the new update, my phone has become really sluggish and slow. It sluggish when opening apps, making phone calls etc. Even when moving in between my home screens is slow. I did not have these problems prior to the update. Any ideas on how I could resolve this matter? Regards, Kabeer

Answer: There are a lot of reasons why a high-end Android smartphone like the Galaxy S3 would suffer from performances issues. It could be just some apps causing the problem, or too much data have already been stored in its memory. The easiest way to fix this is wipe cache partition, backup your data and perform a factory reset. But if you don’t want to do that, try clearing the RAM, uninstalling unused apps while clearing data of big apps and games.

Phone’s screen blacked out

Problem: Hi!

I read your posts about the update on 3/4/14, but I cannot seem to find something like this problem that my boyfriend is having with is Galaxy S3. So the phone is charging, but the screen is blacked out. He was able to use it yesterday with no problems, but when he woke up this morning it’s all blacked out. I think he has it on automatic updates, but I am not sure. I made a call to it and it rang. Do you have any ideas or super knowledge to help us out? Thanks in advance!Drita

Answer: Sorry Drita but I don’t have super knowledge but I would do my best to help. Okay, so all I know is that your BF’s Galaxy S3’s screen blacked out but it charges and rings. What happens if you tap the Home button or press the Power key? If it turns on, then everything is normal. However, if it stays off, the next thing you should do is remove the battery and let the phone be without it for a minute while holding the Power key. This will drain stored electricity from the components. Place the battery back and turn the phone on. If the phone boots up normally then the problem was fixed. If the phone fails to boot, however, try booting to Safe Mode if you can. A third-party application may be causing the problem. If all else fails, a Factory Reset may be needed.

Keyboard freezes, games lag

Problem: Hello & thanks in advance for any & all help. My S3 updated to 4.3 about a month ago now and so far I haven’t experienced any of the issues mentioned but I do have had a couple minor problems not mentioned.  One of those is the keyboard.  I had issues with the keyboard since day one of the day I bought this phone. I ended up just getting a new keyboard from the Play Store (Perfect Keyboard) It worked perfectly except the spell checking on it was awful.

The issue I’m having is the phone in general is experiencing a lot of Lag and almost every game I play is slow and lagging during game play and while using the keyboard for anything it is terrible and seems to get stuck and than unsticks itself and plays catch up to everything I typed while it was stuck. That is my biggest complaint so far. Then there is the black screen while browsing the internet.  Both the stock Browser & Chrome are doing this very randomly.

I dunno why but my S3’s battery life has improved considerably & I heard the update drains the battery so mine getting better and lasting longer is confusing me.

My S3 is from Metro PCS and it’s A NEW PHONE REPLACED BY Assurion DUE TO ME LOOSING THE ORIGINAL. It’s not a refurbished S3 It’s a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. It was replaced back in Dec. Thanks again. — Paul

Answer: With all these problems it seems like the phone’s performance has been trimmed down to the minimum and if I’m not mistaken, your phone’s power saving mode was enabled. That’s the reason you noticed your battery now lasts longer despite having updated your phone to the latest firmware. That is, actually, the upside of making use of the power saving mode, however, your phone’s performance will be the one to suffer.

When this feature is turned on, your phone’s CPU will be clocked to a lower frequency and that could be the reason you feel lags and sluggishness. The screen power will also be minimized and that could be the reason why it turns black.

To turn this feature off, go to Settings > Power saving mode > switch to Off. This is a new phone, you said, so unless it has some issues with its hardware and software I am positive it’s just the power saving mode that’s causing all these.

Clock app stopped working

Problem: Hey, The clock app (world time) on my Samsung Galaxy S3 has stopped working.

After opening the clock app and then clicking on the world time , the app closes and reads the following message : ” Unfortunately Clock has stopped.” It would be very grateful is you could please help me out with the problem. Yours faithfully, Aniket

Answer: It’s a minor clock problem or glitch. A reboot should fix this issue, however, if it continues then go to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Clock > Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data. You may lose your settings and personalization as well as your alarms but this is necessary to fix this issue.

Messaging hangs, phone freezes randomly

Problem: First of all,  I love your Drippler updates.  I’m a Verizon Galaxy S3 user in the US and had no issues with the phone until I updated to 4.3 a couple of months ago. 

My biggest issues are these:

1.  Messaging often gets hung up. I use stock messaging app and my issue is that sometimes text messages I send don’t go through and get stuck on spinning icon.  Sometimes turning airplane mode on and off works, but often have to pull out battery.  Definitely seems to be an issue when phone cycles between 1x, 3g and 4G,  but never happened before update. 

2. Phone freezes and only thing that remedies is pulling battery out. 


Thoughts: Hey Dave, reading the first problem makes me think it’s a simple Messaging app issue but the second problem suggests it must be the TouchWiz causing these. TouchWiz is Samsung’s initiative to make its flagships look a little different from others by running an application on top of Android to provide fresher and better user interface. The problem is there are times when it acts up and all operations would be affected.

You can solve both problems by clearing both the cache and data of TouchWiz from the Settings. However, you may lose your Home screens and other customizations. But I think it’s worth it.

Side lock button response delayed

Problem: Sir I’m facing lock screen problem in Galaxy S3 it’s not a laggy dripple effect. It’s another problem. When I lock my screen it locks  instantly but when I press my sidelock buttun to on the lockscreen   it takes 4 to 5 seconds. —  Mayank

Answer: It’s probably one of the effects of the Power Saving mode. When enabled, the phone will go into deep sleep if locked and one of the effects is that there would be little lag by the time you unlock it. Try disabling or turning off the Power Saving mode if it was enabled. Email us back after you did that just to confirm because there could be some other reasons why there’s a lag.

Can’t hear callers

Problem: Hi, names Daniel, anyways for the last month or so I have been having a problem when I try make or when I receive calls on my phone. I go to my contacts or whatever and click call but yet I can’t hear the tone when I am calling someone, and when they answer I can’t hear them either, the only reason I know they answered is because I can see the timer and green thing when I look at screen and then the network turns off, even if they don’t answer if I click end call then just when I click end a sec later literally the all network turns off and you see a circle and line through were your network bars normally should be and then after a min it comes back, the same happens when someone call me. But the weird thing is I can send and receive SMS and use Internet without problems. And my network three said there’s no problem and I did a factory reset but still same problem. All this started out of no where. I will send photo with this. Thanks hoping to hear from you with a possible solution.

Answer: It’s one of the symptoms of a damaged earpiece. Try using a headset and make some calls. If you can hear the person on the other end, then I’m right about it. Sadly, there’s nothing you can do on your end that would fix the problem without opening up your phone and probably voiding your warranty and insurance. Best thing to do is bring it back to the store and have it replaced.

Trouble making calls

Problem: Hello,

Here’s the problem I’m experiencing after the update. When I try to make a call by either swiping, dialing, or just hitting the phone icon, the call will not go through. It doesn’t dial or anything. The only way I’m able to make a call is if I restart the phone. This happens every single day since the update. As a matter of fact I’m on my second S3. On my initial S3, I downloaded the update and immediately started having problems with the call not going through, battery drainage, and finally the phone got stuck and wouldn’t boot. I was sent a replacement and still having problems with the calls not going through. Therefore, I am constantly restarting the phone. Am I the only one having this issue?



Answer: I’m not really sure what happens when you hit that call icon. Here is a couple of my questions:

Does the phone attempt to dial the number but stopped? If so, it’s a network issue. You should call your provider and ask for their help.

Would the dialer freeze? If this was the case, it’s a phone problem but it could be fixed by simply clearing the cache and data of the Dialer from Settings.

Since this is a replacement unit and probably you only have a few data saved in it, please perform a factory reset if this problem persists.

Turn off predictive text and auto-correct

Problem: Hello I have several of the problems you stated in your recent article with the Samsung Galaxy S3  4.3 software update with Verizon. One of the problems is in Typing in E Mails and Text messages. The phones spell check feature (which I don’t use much or know how-to turn off?) Just chooses and inserts words that have no alternate meaning to my original texts or E Mail’s even worse if I try to type a short cut nick name or a ttyl8r (just did it) I typed in ttul! Its very frustrating and time consuming. I have several friends with the same phone and forced to accept the 4.3 horrible update. All with the same multiple problems. One work around is to keep typing then go back in word for word and force the correction. To even make it legible!  Just in this E Mail I have had it happen over a dozen times. Oh how I hate the multiple problems with this 4.3 update. Is Verizon or Samsung going to fix all these problems?  None of this happened before the 4.3 update. Ready to flush this phone. !!!! Help please.Mark

Answer: I can relate with you, Mark. I, myself, don’t use predictive text on my phone. Here’s how you disable auto correct on Galaxy S3:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap Language and input.
  4. Swipe the switch beside Predictive Text option to display Off.

That’s it!

Can’t send text messages

Problem: Hi, my girlfriend recently purchased an AT&T Galaxy S3 and is using it on straight talk. I set up the APN setting and had everything working data, mms, call, sms and everything. Then a couple days later she tells me that she can’t send text but can still receive them including MMS. I was curious if this is due to the 4.3 update because I can’t for the life of me understand why everything works except sending texts. If you could help remedy this for me it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve factory restored, cleared messaging cache, cleared partition and still can’t send text.Broc

Answer: I understand you’ve already done everything to fix this problem but to no avail. Apparently, the problem is with the service. Call Straight Talk (1-877-430-2355) and have your service checked. I have worked as a technical support for the company before and believe me, there are always times when services are disrupted that even us can’t explain. The reps have tools to enable the service back, though.

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  1. Hi … I am not sure if this right forum ..I just did an update to 4.4.4 in my Samsung s3. From then on, a message keeps on popping up saying “Unfortunately, Samsung Account has stopped” …. I don’t even know if it is true or not … what is the best thing to do?

  2. Admin Please help needed !!
    I have installed blotana note 4 ROM on my samsung galaxy s3 i9300 everythings fine but my cell is not responding to sim card 🙁 !! i’m unable to send or receive msg or calls 🙁

  3. what happens when u factory reset? Do you get the old version of your phone back? Meaning the update would go away?

  4. I have problem wi .fi in my phone wiko model wax 4g after update android 4.3
    Hajizadeh from iran

  5. My clock stops whenever my screen is turned off. This is ridiculous.

    16:38 now. Turn my screen off for 10 minutes, and it’s still 16:38. Seems there is 41 pages of problems for this phone, and absolutely no solid solutions.

    Too bad half the features I need on my phone are based on appointments and/or alarms.

    Anyone got a fix for this?

  6. my Samsung galaxy tab 3 froze so i went to unfreeze it (i knew what to do) but then i accidentally press something then this pop up: #MANUAL MODE#
    –Applying Multi-CSC ….
    Successfully applied multi-CSC
    Now send the package you want to apply to the device with “adb sideload
    PLEASE help me….. i need your help!

  7. My Galaxy S3 always shows the message “Network connection is disabled because internet connection is slow”. This occurs in environments where the signal strength is very strong and The Wi-Fi router is working properly. Many thanks for your help.

  8. Hi I have a galaxy s3 . After I updated to 4.3 I am not able to listen to music as the headphone jack seems to read my headphones but no sound comes through it. The jack was perfectly fine on 4.1.2

  9. In my experience, the problem with charging is related to the cord between the charger and the phone, when I changed the cord to a better quality one, charging went back to just a few hours.

  10. Stock browser keeps crashing. Chrome, and firefox can not play flash videos. Stock native browser CAN play flash videos. I have flash on my phone and its great! Every other browser for android is god awful, laggy and slow. Too bad native browser is crashing all the time. Also Google play and Google Play Services have been killing my memory of my phone. Once I force close them the phone speeds up at least three fold.

  11. My only problem is via Instagram, I can still post photos but Instagram “stops working” when I try to post a video whether recorded via phone or stored in the gallery. It won’t post videos. But I can still post photos. And I know there’s nothing wrong with my Instagram account because using the same IG account I can post videos from there but using my iPad

  12. My daughter’s S3 had a pink spot appear on the middle right side of the screen; it had been working fine, she put it down on the table and when she picked it up again this spot was there. She tried turning the phone on & off, removing the battery. After that once the phone was turned on again the entire display is very dim. Just wondering if anyone else ever had this happen.

  13. I just updated my s3 Samsung galaxy for T-Mobile to latest version now my home button does not work now. The phone works fine just home button does not work. Can anyone help ? If can you can email me rafa2363@gmail.com

  14. I have had a problem since the upgrade that I have download that say they are complete but continuously show in the notifications. I clear them out and they come right back up instantly. same notifications everytime. How do I get them cleared up?

  15. I do not like how anyone can see my texts even on a lock screen when all you have to do is slid your thumb over to the other side of the phone.. with the old update it was called text preview and it made it so i would not have to unlock my phone to see the texts.. but i like my privacy and would like to know how i can turn it off? i have tried everything. I wish i never updated it to the kitkat.

  16. I have an issue and would like to know if anyone has encountered this and has a solution. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with 4.3 and when I use the system texting app and right after I am finished using it…I want to call someone it disconnects like a second later. This is very annoying. This happens all the time.

  17. I updated my Galaxy 3s and now my phone will not log into my wi-fi. I am not having problems with my tablet or laptop. This only has happened since I updated my phone. Can someone please assist. Many thanks

  18. I’ve recently had to switch my S3 to a down grade. I only had it since October and itwill not charge..I went out and brought a brand new battery but that didnt work…it got to the point i had to hold my phone a certain way to charge it…then it just stopped charging altogether if anyone can help me please let me know I want me galaxy back

  19. I have reset it and tried a different chargers and still takes forever to charge. it use to charge rather quickly.

  20. I have an issue with my Galaxy S3. The problem is that it now takes forever charge. It was 61% and took 8 hours to get to 95%. Any suggestions?

  21. Hi there – you may have answered this question already but my husband is getting very frustrated with the keyboard he now has to use on his S3 since the update. He only has the qwerty keyboard and no other options. How can he reset back to the traditional 123abc style please? We’ve hunted and can’t find a way! Also, all his personalised words are gone from his dictionary. Is there a way to get them back? TIA

  22. hi can someone help…I have a Samsung s3 with network three…it will not go on it keeps coming up the three symbol and keeps repeating it. it was on charge all last night and I haven’t had this problem before……

  23. I have a galaxy 3 and after the update my phone downloads email attachments continuously. I clear them out and it keeps opening them up at the top of the main screen (looks like arrows at the top). I went into email settings and cleared the cache, but it keeps doing it. any other recommendations??

  24. My big issue is that my dictionary won’t add my personlized words. I hate the swype keyboard, I like the samsung keyboard and I use to be able to add my own words and now I can’t, it sucks donkey dick

  25. Have you tried selecting the option to check for updates?
    Also, depending on your location and carrier, it’s possible that your phone is yet to receive an update.
    Most of the time, OS updates are throttled so your phone is still probably to get updated.

  26. I have only the problem with WiFi, and I’m totally sure is not my network because I have an android tablet and I don’t have this issue. I have to enter my password every time I am getting at home, office, sister, brother, networks this is so annoying. You guys (samsung) screwed my best cellphone what I have had.

  27. my galaxy s3 says it is up to date but it is not. Under settings/about phone it says it is still running 4.0.4. Help?

  28. I’m having problems with my samsung galaxy s3 the data is messing up I’ll have 4G when I start my phone but a few minutes later it will to go to 3G but no matter where I go or what I do 4g won’t come back on it started about two weeks ago please help

  29. I had the problem when I was upgrading my phone too. It turned out to be a WiFi problem. The upgrade got stuck in the middle. I took my phone back to the place I bought it and they fixed it. I wish I would have read this. This is a great article. I hope I don’t have all of these problems, but I am glad that I know what to do if I do.

  30. For the person with issues with phone charging, you can try and factory reset the phone, as Harold suggested. However, I bet it’s an issue with your charger and you just need a new one.

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