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Samsung Chromebook 2 Gets A Price And A Release Date For The UK



If you want a faux leather computer, you’ve got one. The 11.6″ Samsung Chromebook 2 will be heading to the UK on May 1st for £249 and the 13.3″ version will be available on May 12th for £329.



There’s no release dates for the different colors, but presumably they will be available on the different screen size release dates. So if you want the Chromebook 2 in the UK, it won’t be very long.

Source: The Next Web via Android Central


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  1. Is there a big demand for faux leather laptops? I like the price of this chromebook and would probably go for the 13″. It’s reasonably priced and I like the look of the white.

  2. The faux leather does sound a little different. I’d like to see it in store. it doesn’t look like they are coming out with a larger 15″ version, only the 11″ and 13″ in May in the UK. I do like the look of the black one and the price is reasonable.

  3. The faux leather finish does sound good on such a big device. But only if we could do some Android programming on a Chromebook, I would buy one right away.

  4. Looks interesting. I wouldn’t mind trying one out–a faux leather Chromebook could definitely be a point of discussion! 😉 I’m not sure though, I’ve been kind of holding out for a 15′ Chromebook, which I still haven’t seen!

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