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Rumored Amazon smartphone coming in Q2 sporting “six cameras”

Amazon phone

A new rumor suggests that the much rumored Amazon smartphone will launch in Q2 2014 sporting a unique “six camera” layout. Four of these cameras will be placed on the front in each corners and will be used for gesture controls, the rumor says.

This could reportedly be used for features like authentication and eye tracking among other things. However since this is still a rumor at the moment, we suggest you take it with the usual grain of salt. The remaining two cameras will be the usual front facing and rear cameras, which we find on any conventional smartphones these days.

Amazon appears to be very keen on launching consumer grade devices. It brought its budget ranged Kindle Fire tablet to the market a few years ago, and is also expected to launch its own home media console soon.

So with a smartphone in tow as well, Amazon can certainly make an impact in the industry, depending on its timing. Rumors have indicated that HTC could be in the running to produce Amazon’s smartphone, which sounds very interesting.

Via: BGR


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  1. I think six cameras is going overboard. I just don’t care anything about my phone picking up on my eye movement or gestures; it’s already a touch screen and that’s already a step up from non touch phones.

  2. Yeah. But the possibility of having four cameras for gesture purposes seems very less to me.

  3. Yeah. The Smart Stay on the Galaxy phones did quite some time to fix issues like this. With just one camera being ON all the time.

  4. I agree about the battery dying quickly with that many cameras working. If they are to pick up eye movement and gestures they would be on all the time, that would take quite a bit of energy from the phone.

  5. You bring up a good point, Arnold. I hope they’re planning to step the batteries on these phones up if they really intend to put 6 cameras on them.

  6. Six cameras! That’s too much. I can’t image the amount of battery this would consume. If they want to do something like Motorola has done with its always active voice recognition processor, this phone is going to kill the battery a lot quickly.

  7. Innovation, going wild. But this is awesome. Connect this smartphone to your big screen TV, sit in front of it and do crazy gestures with your hands. That’s going to be some quality entertainment. Lets see what Amazon has in store for us.

  8. I never thought I would see the day when a cell phone would have a camera on it and now here we are speculating about phones with six cameras on them! That’ll be interesting to see, for sure.

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