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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active could launch via major U.S. carriers

Galaxy S4 Active

Renowned source of leaks on Twitter, Evleaks, has yet again revealed the existence of an upcoming device. According to this new revelation, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will arrive via major U.S. carriers carrying the model number SM-G870(x) very soon. Now as with any rumor, we are taking this with a pinch of salt, so don’t hold your breath for its arrival.

It will be interesting to see as to how Samsung will differentiate this from the standard Galaxy S5. Water and dust resistance is already available on the Galaxy S5, so we’re guessing the Korean manufacturer has something special with this handset.

It has been speculated that the handset could come with military grade certification which would give it resistance to thermal shocks, radiation, sand and other forces of nature. And with water damage complaints from the Galaxy S4 Active last year, Samsung will have to be extra careful this time around. We also hope that the smartphone becomes available through a wide range of carriers as last year’s variant was only limited to AT&T in the U.S.

Source: @evleaks – Twitter

Via: Droid-Life


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  1. Damn, Samsung! Hold your horses. What do you want to do by releasing so many variants?

  2. What’s the “active” implicating? Is this the phone for people who are physically active? Are there some extra apps or something on it that you can’t get on the standard S5?

  3. Hey, I’m still holding out for the Galaxy S5 Crimea Edition. There’s no way Samsung’s marketing team would skip out on free advertising like that!

  4. Heh, how many more S5’s can shove into the market? Sheesh. The S4 Active really was not that popular. Why are they trying it again?

  5. Wow. Yet another variation on the S5?! Let’s see, there’s the S5, the S5 zoom, the S5 mini, and something like the S5 Neo, right? So this would make the fifth S5 variant. Give it a rest, Samsung!!

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