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Processor on the HTC One M8 reportedly switches to high-performance mode during benchmarks


A new report has found that the new HTC One automatically switches to a high-performance CPU mode while running benchmark applications in order to boost scores. We’ve seen Samsung come under significant criticism for doing something similar with the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3, which was later rectified with the Android 4.4 update.

HTC’s “tweak” however is slightly less manipulative compared to Samsung’s. AnandTech’s findings claim that the HTC One M8’s CPU frequency is bumped up by 15% while running conventional benchmark apps. While this isn’t exactly manipulating benchmark scores per-se, it’s certainly going to come under criticism. The GPU performance has remained unchanged apparently, which is a relief for HTC fans.

For those interested, HTC is also offering a high-performance CPU mode which is accessible via the Developer options on the handset. Benchmark scores are unlikely to affect the standard everyday consumer and HTC needs to keep this in mind. It might not have the marketing prowess of Samsung, but cases like these are certainly not doing its credibility any good.

Source: AnandTech

Via: Android Beat

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