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Pebble Steel Gets A New Buying Option


This is quite good news for those of you that want a Pebble Steel. Tonight, Pebble has launched a new cheaper way to get the Pebble Steel. For now only $229, you can get a Black Matte or Stainless Steel models with only the leather strap.

Previously, you would pay $250 and get either model of the Pebble Steel and get both of the armbands. Now you can pay less and get just one armband. If you weren’t going to swap the armband or didn’t want the Steel one, this is good news for you.

If you want the Steel armband, you will still need to pay $250 for the Pebble Steel itself. No price drop for you. But if you’ve been wanting a Pebble Steel, it just got cheaper.

Source: Pebble via Reddit