Ouya Everywhere Initiative To Launch Soon

We all know Ouya as that $99 gaming console that connects to a TV allowing users to play Android games. Soon, we might not even need the console anymore as Ouya founder Julie Uhrman announced that the company is planning to launch the Ouya Everywhere initiative that will allow anyone to play Ouya games on a TV without the Ouya box.


So how is the company planning to accomplish this? Uhrman isn’t spilling the beans as of this moment as an official announcement with all the details will be released later this week. In an interview with Slashdot she said that “Right now, our growth is limited by how quickly we can make a box and put it into market… We know that our demand far exceeds our ability to do that. It could be another set-top [box]. It could be the TV itself. There’s a number of different ways that games can be played on the television, and we’re actively exploring all of them.”

The company has already plans to release a next generation Ouya console however it has also signed a deal with at least one hardware maker. This could mean that there might be a device available in the market that isn’t made by Ouya but then is able to provide the Ouya experience.

The next gaming console of the company will have an improved controller and at a minimum a higher performing chipset compared to the first console.

Uhrman also made it clear that the company isn’t getting out of the hardware business despite the fact that they are a software company. Ouya is “really a software company. The largest team inside Ouya is software engineers.” Ouya Everywhere is described as “bringing our software to other people’s devices by embedding it in those devices. We’ve always wanted to be an open platform. It started with a hardware product for us. We will always have an Ouya reference design… but in addition to just being a reference device we believe our ecosystem can live on other devices.”

Another path that the company may take is to create software that can be installed in other devices and platforms which will allow users to get the Ouya experience. This will be similar to what Valve is doing with Steam. Uhrman said that porting Ouya to non-Android devices may be difficult but not impossible. “Based on our strategy to bring games to gamers wherever they are, it is absolutely conceivable that we will.”

via slashdot


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  1. I would prefer something like the new OnLive game streaming service. Everything is on the cloud, and you can access the game and other related services on any device: Android, PC, or Mac. The game progress is also saved on the cloud. What else would one need?

  2. That’s an interesting idea. I hope they come give such a feature. But I’m guessing they will go beyond Kinect-like sensor. I’m guessing more real life involvement in games.

  3. Will Ouya support a Kinect-like system in the future?
    I have both Xbox 360 and PS3 but what piques my interest is the Kinect sensor. It offers so many potentials so an Ouya-like console coupled with a technology similar to Kinect would really give it a great boost I guess.

  4. Sounds interesting. I hope they come out with a framework which can be installed on third party devices, as the author has mentioned. They should also open up the platform to third party developers, as the CEO has stated. This will let the platform grow more easily and quickly.

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