Oppo Find 7 (FHD) Specs Officially Confirmed

As the official unveiling of the Oppo Find 7 draws near (March 19) we are getting more information regarding this model. Oppo has recently revealed the official hardware specifications of the FHD version of the device. It’s hard to ignore a device such as this since it is expected to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Let’s see what this device is made up of.

oppo find 7 specs

  • Display: 5.5-inch with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Processor: Snapdragon 800 (quad-core Krait CPU)
  • Front Camera: 5MP sensor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Internal Storage: 16GB

The specs are written with a pen on a sheet of paper. While it may look like anyone could just write down random specs this is in fact real since it comes from Oppo’s official Weibo account. From what was revealed it seems that everything matches the previously leaked AnTuTu benchmark test of the device save for the amount of RAM.

As for the rear camera, which I’m sure most of you are wondering about, the recent rumor is that this device could in fact be using Sony’s second generation stacked 13MP camera that uses an F2.0 aperture. Photos taken with this camera seem to come from a 50MP camera when in fact it isn’t.

The rear camera of this device has taken a spotlight lately as a photo taken from the device has a resolution that appears to be taken with a 50MP camera.

The specs revealed are just for the lower version Oppo Find 7. The specs of the higher end version which uses a QHD display (1440×2560) hasn’t been officially revealed yet which means that the company may be saving this for the official unveiling. This doesn’t mean though that we don’t have the inside scoop on its specs.

Oppo Find 7 (QHD) Rumored Specs

  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
  • Snapdragon 800 MSM8974AC Quad Core 300MHz-2457MHz
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • Unknown inches, 1440×2560
  • 5MP + 13MP
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM

As far as pricing goes the FHD version is expected to cost around 3000 Yuan which roughly converts to $488.

With the official announcement only more than a week away we will definitely know which of these rumors prove to be correct.

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  1. Yeah, most of us would prefer that. I think Samsung’s just trying to maximize profits, despite it being an absurd way to do it…

  2. Exactly, and how is that better than having only a few flagship and mid range or budget devices, and take care of all of them with timely and proper updates? I would prefer that.

  3. How do they keep track of them? Well, I think you’ve seen how they keep track of them: cut off support for 75% of their devices and keep support on the popular ones. Oh, and if a new rendition comes out to take over said popular device, make sure to cut support on the previous one, too! That way, they only have 15-30 devices to keep track of. 😉

  4. And Samsung releasing a new variant of a phone almost every weeks is kind of irritating. I wonder how they keep track of all those devices.

  5. Indeed. It’s definitely a stark difference from Samsung, LG and the like–releasing phones every few weeks, whether it be low-end or mid-range.

  6. Thanks. While I don’t know Oppo’s business affairs, I’m almost certain that they do not want to branch out too quickly to the point where they over estimated their abilities.

  7. Yeah, you’ll get an unlocked Oppo if you spend like $50 – $100 more than a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone on contract. That’s good enough.

  8. I’m pretty sure the bootloaded will be unlocked, and there will be root access. That should become the standard or default setting that smartphones like these should ship with. Makes sense to me at least.

  9. I’m sure as their customer base and profits increase, they’ll look at expanding into other markets. Oppo is playing this smart and not dealing out their cards too quickly, in my opinion.

  10. In the past, the large majority of Oppo’s Find devices have launched in the United States–you just can’t get it on contract, which doesn’t totally matter since Oppo’s smartphones are fairly cheap off contract.

  11. Yeah. CyanogenMod ROM would definitely come out for this. So the Android version out of the box on the smartphone will not matter much.

  12. Why worry about the Android version on an Oppo? The CyanogenMod Inc. people will surely release a pretty stable build exclusively for the Oppo Find 7 pretty soon.

  13. I think CM might make some modifications to the OS on behest of the OEM, but I am sure it will be largely like the CM we Nexus users have. I also wonder if they will give with device with unlocked bootloader and root access, cause CM comes preloaded with SuperUser.

  14. Excellent spec. Happy to see that they decided to use Snapdragon 800. This device could certainly give a run for money to many other flagship devices. But only one question. Why Jellybean 4.3? Come on, 4.4.2 is out.

  15. Yeah, they should do that. The problem is these companies underestimate other markets. They don’t even want to try. Isn’t HTC and Samsung making loads of money?

  16. I’ve heard the same limitation. They should really expand their partnership to include local shippers in other countries, esp in emerging markets like Latin America and Asia.

  17. CM is the default OS on this, or will there be a CM version of this? In any case, the hardware is really awesome, and the software should be able to exploit it completely.

  18. Awesome. Its good to see Oppo releasing such really cool devices. But as usual, my only complaint is that they should start shipping it world wide. This will increase the developer base for the device.

  19. The QHD version is very appealing. I think I’ll get one, if it comes to the US. I just want to try the raw power of CM on a hardware customized to its software.

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