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New HTC One makes an appearance again, this time in a case

Spigen HTC One

A listing for Spigen’s new case has caught our attention, mainly because it belongs to the new HTC One which is yet to be announced by the manufacturer. The smartphone, which is easily one of the worst kept secrets in the mobile industry today, has made innumerable appearances in leaks over the past few weeks. This listing for the case shows off the front of the smartphone with those transparent onscreen navigation buttons, as well as the back with the Duo Camera setup.

Spigen says that the case will be available mid-April, which is when the smartphone is expected to go on sale as well, so that’s accurate. It seems like HTC has just given up on the secrecy aspect of the smartphone with so much being revealed already. A kid recently posted a detailed video of the smartphone showing off all the features. We even saw this smartphone selling on eBay yesterday, so this new leak sounds very trivial compared to what we have seen already.

Source: Spigen

Via: GSM Arena


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  1. Wow, that is a nice looking case! Very slick and gives it a modern look. I’m certain it will appeal to the younger smartphone users.

  2. I have this Spigen Slim Armor case for my Nexus 5. And it is everything but slim. The phone doesn’t look anything like a Nexus 5, and a lot of headphones or earphones don’t reach the jack with this case on. It’s so thick. But at the same time, gives ultimate protection to the phone.

  3. I like the look of the case, very sleek looking and shows off the phone. HTC is my favorite android phone. Does this case only come in silver or will it be available in different colors?

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