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New Google Play Music update brings the ability to upload audio files directly via Chrome

Play Music

Google has brought a significant update to Play Music which now allows users to add music files directly through the Chrome browser. This essentially means that you can drag and drop audio files directly from your computer onto the Play Music account via Chrome.

Google claims this feature is from its beta labs, so it requires users to enable the feature manually (link below). But barring that, it should function quite smoothly without much trouble. The update also brings a mini music player right within your browser along with the ability to download music files directly. The addition of this new feature means that Google’s Music Manager app is no longer required for users to upload files to their Play Music account. This update makes uploading music an easier process for users of the Google Chromebook.

Users can also set Google Play Music to upload music automatically whenever they add audio files to a selected folder on the computer. The addition of these features is certainly a step in the right direction from Google and will make lives much easier for subscribers.

Google Play Music

Source: Google Play Music Labs, Google+

Via: Talk Android


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  1. I don’t really prefer a browser over another but if Chrome has this functionality, then I would certainly pick it first next time.

  2. I’ve been a browser bitch but Chrome is the best of all. Not only is this browser light and fast, it also has a long list of very good add ons and apps.

  3. I don’t go far without music. Listen to it in the car, listen to it at work and unless I am doing something with the family I listen to it when I am home too. This might actually make me switch to Chrome.

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