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New Google Glass app can read people’s emotions and facial expressions

Emotient Google Glass app

Google Glass can do many things. Give you weather details, read your messages, notifications, take pictures or videos and a whole lot more. But thanks to third party developers, it is also capable of running certain apps which Google wouldn’t find the time to launch. The Sentiment Analysis app by Emotient is one such application, which can apparently read the user’s facial expressions as well as emotions and intimate the Glass user. That’s all it does for the time being, with more options possibly available in the near future.

The app basically records the person’s image and matches it with its existing database of images to suggest the mood, which includes joy, anger, frustration, sadness, surprise and a whole lot more. Of course each face is unique to the person, so it might have those issues to tackle, but the fact that such an application is available right now opens up endless possibilities for the future. The company addresses potential security issues as well. “We don’t store images. We basically take the data and aggregate it with other information we’ve taken from other individuals,” said Ken Denman, the CEO of Emotient.

Source: Fast Company

Via: PC Mag


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  1. I think this capability to detect emotions has a big potential for use by developers. I have no idea how it can be done but brilliant people would eventually figure it out.

  2. Targeted advertising makes the most sense right now, but who knows what Google could do with it–anything, really. One thing to keep in mind is that Glass is still in development, so who knows what Google’s plan is with it by the time they finish development

  3. That’s just one possibility that you are talking about. I think they are just building a system to do the analysis. I don’t think they have any idea of how the information will be useful.

  4. I don’t understand, what’s the use? The person wearing the glass will not be able to make out the emotion of the person standing in front? Or how can this be monetized? Targeted advertising is the only thing that is coming to my mind. But it still makes no sense.

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