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New ASUS made smartwatch could feature voice and motion controls: Rumor


A new report claims that Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS could be looking to bring features like voice and motion controls to its much rumored smartwatch. The Chairman of the company, Jonney Shih reportedly gave out details of this upcoming smartwatch in an interview with a local daily. Knowing what we’ve heard so far from Google and its new Android based smartwatch OS, it’s safe to assume that ASUS will base its device on the same operating system. It is said that Shih was a bit concerned about the battery life of this upcoming smartwatch which could be ironed out in time for the launch. The smartwatch is rumored for a mid-2014 launch, so there’s still some time until we get to see this device in action.

Naturally, since this is an early report, there’s barely anything to go with as far as specs and other aspects of the device are concerned.  It will be interesting to check out ASUS’ implementation of the smartwatch, as Samsung is pretty much the only major OEM in the smartwatch business today after Sony.

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  1. I have a very old Asus Windows Mobile 6.0 device. It was a beast back the, around 7-8 years back. I still haven’t given it away to anyone.I hope they make some device like that today.

  2. ASUS is doing alright when it comes to the PC category. As for everything else, things could be a whole lot better, and I’m not sure a smartwatch will “save” them from poor earnings in the mobile market.

  3. I kind of wish they brainstormed something a tad more useful than a smartwatch. To be honest, the last thing I need is another electronic device notifying me of happenings in the virtual world.

  4. Wonderful. More and more OEMs are now coming up with Smart Watches. Plus this speculated to be powered by Android, the opportunities are endless. Good job Asus.

  5. So far, the only thing I have with an ASUS brand is a laptop. It was affordable but does the job like any other high end laptop.
    And ASUS is not even doing well enough in this category.
    It needs to do well on smartwatch segment if it wants to have a healthy slice of the market pie.

  6. It will be nice to see an Asus smartwatch. Their smartphones are not selling too well, if I’m not mistaken. But I really love the brand. Hope they succeed in the smartwatch segment at least.

  7. I think the next big consumer hit will be on lifestyle-related products like smartwatches and eyeglasses. Humankind can’t seem to get away from them for hundreds of years. For some they’ve even become a necessity. I think today’s electronic giants are banking on that.

  8. Yeah. It’s going to the same watch, with the activity tracker and the notification system. Nothing much can be done with a smartwatch. Its the smart glass that is more interesting. Have to see how companies will approach that segment.

  9. I’m sure ASUS is experimenting with smartwatches. Many, many companies are doing the same thing. However, it’s not likely that every company is going to put out their own smartwatch. And that’s a good idea. There really isn’t much you can do with a smartwatch. They’re generally all the same, just different brands.

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