Motorola’s Moto G Forte could be an improved version of the Moto G

Motorola’s Moto G Forte could be an improved version of the Moto G Read more at http://thedroidguy.com/?p=88580#ZeQKMJvpwfpHSA1T.99

Moto G has been an immense success for Motorola, with the soon-to-be-Lenovo-owned company recently confirming that the Moto G has become its best-selling smartphone. Now, the company seems to be working on a variant of the Moto G, according to evleaks, who has leaked a photo of the Moto G Forte, which seems to be headed to Latin America in the coming weeks. 

The name suggests the Moto G Forte is an improved variant of the original instead of a sequel, probably for emerging markets. Evleaks didn’t offer any details, but it’s possible the Forte will fix a few of the shortcomings of the Moto G, like the lack of a microSD slot. With the Moto G a hit in emerging markets, adding a microSD slot could result in even higher sales than Motorola has been able to currently achieve, making the best value-for-money smartphone even better.

Any guesses on what the Moto G Forte could be?

Source: Evleaks

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  1. Whatever it has, I hope Motorola releases it in India at the same time as US. I need to buy a good budget phone for my mother soon.

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