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Motorola offering the Moto X for $349.99 for its loyal customers

Moto X

Existing customers of Motorola devices will be treated to a surprise email notifying them of a loyalty discount on the Moto X. This will effectively bring down the pricing of the smartphone to $349.99, which is a flat $50 off the asking price. The mail is also accompanied by a coupon code, which is exclusive to each user and will have to be used during checkout to avail the discount.

While the standard customizable Moto X will cost $350 after this discount, users will still have to shell out an extra $25 for the wooden variants, which is a negligible amount really. There is no word on whether these codes can be transferred to other users, but considering that most people who receive this mail already own a Moto X, it is safe to assume that they will be transferable.

Motorola has been offering several discounts on the Moto X, but the pricing has gone back to its old state now. However, with newer flagships set to arrive in the markets, we can expect the company to offer more discounts on the smartphone in the coming weeks. If you have received a loyalty code in your email, make sure you redeem it by heading over to the Moto Maker page from the link below.

Source: Motorola

Via: Android Central


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  1. I’m sure it’ll get a hardware upgrade, although I don’t know if Motorola plans on taking it out of the mid-range market. Despite its mid-range hardware though, the Moto X was able to take on the S4 and One easily. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’d be the same scenario with the S5 and next One. However, I really hope Motorola puts out a high end Moto X eventually…

  2. I wish I could get a coupon code. I keep missing the promotions. I just signed up for the moto updates so maybe I’ll get an email about the next special!

  3. Wow! That’s interesting. I just hope its in the HTC One and Galaxy S5 class. I would love to see a device with such hardware, and the beautiful software that’s on the Moto X. That could even be the next Nexus.

  4. I read somewhere yesterday on The Droid Guy that Motorola was getting ready to release the X2, or whatever they plan on calling it, this summer. Really looking forward to that.

  5. I think the company is getting ready to release its next smartphone. So the discount. I just hope that the smartphone will come with better hardware than the Moto X. No doubt its an awesome smartphone, but we need a more powerful flagship.

  6. You are right. But HTC and Samsung has many dual SIM phones in Asia. And most of them run the manufacturer’s custom skin on Android, which are just too heavy weight on the hardware, and make the whole system unusable. They should stop doing that.

  7. There is a dual SIM version of the Moto X? I guess that’s only for the Asian market. Most of the smartphone manufacturers have dual SIM smartphones there, if I’m not mistaken. I think even Samsung and HTC do that.

  8. That’s a very attractive deal. I just wish the company releases the device in India. We have the Moto G here already, but I’ve been waiting to get my handy dirty with the Moto X. But I guess we will be getting a dual SIM version of the phone here, as we did with the Moto G (which is not really good).

  9. Dang. If only I could have waited a few months. For $50 more, I could have an off-contract Moto X.

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